CFA – MIMIC – Vanguard-2 Presets

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CFA - MIMIC Vanguard-2 Presets (Main Demo)

CFA - MIMIC - Vanguard-2 Presets


Pack Contents

  • 75 Vanguard 2 presets
    • 18 Basses
    • 15 Pads
    • 15 Leads
    • 9 Plucked Presets
    • 6 Synth sounds.
    • 3 Arpeggios
    • 3 Atmopsheres
    • 2 Chords
    • 1 FX
    • 1 Guitar Preset
    • 1 Organ Preset
    • 1 Sequence
  • 15 custom UI Skins
  • Suitable for house and techno


Welcome to this special collection of Vanguard 2 Presets and UI skins by CFA-Sound for the VST synthesizer icon and pioneer. Which certainly contributed massively to VST synthesizers getting more mainstream adoption.

In late 2022, the Vanguard received a full rework after decades, so perhaps driven by nostalgia, since the Vanguard 2 was also one of my first VST synths, the package was created to give the Vanguard 2 a fresh inspiring package of 75 presets for house and techno, together with 15 custom UI skins as a special extra for a more visually appealing workflow. The UI skins are primarily inspired by classic vintage synths we all know and love, and a few more modern icons. All UI skins have been designed on a maximal scale setting, rich in details so that they will look great and sharp, even on today’s high-resolution monitors.

The presets offer a wide range of usability, absolutely suitable for modern house and techno music production, and also be used for more distant genres such as ambient and cinematic. With the sound’s own charm, the Vanguard 2 still offers a wealth of great sounds with a digital touch, a benevolent change from the huge number of analog-modeled synthesizers these days.

Just listen to the demo and all synth sounds you can hear there were all recorded without extra post-processing (e.g. EQ, comp, etc). Only Xfer LFO tool for some sidechaining and in some places a little bit of the freely available Valhalla Supermassive reverb plugin.

Preset content in detail: 3 Arpeggio, 3 Atmosphere, 18 Bass, 2 Chord, 1 FX Sound, 1 Guitar, 15 Lead, 1 Organ, 15 Pads, 9 Plucked, 1 Sequence and 6 Synth sounds.
A detailed installation guide for the presets and skins is included.

Please note, that all additional drums fx and vocals in the demo song are not included in the product.
Some vocals on parts of the demo were taken from the Resonance Sound Vintage Movie Vocals 2 collection.


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