Contemporary Deep House

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1 review

Contemporary Deep House (Main Demo)

Contemporary Deep House


Pack Contents

  • Over 1GB of Samples
  • 617 Total Contents
  • 134 Drum Loops
    • 4 Claps
    • 21 Drums
    • 20 Hihats
    • 19 Kicks
    • 4 Kick Claps
    • 16 Kick Snares
    • 19 Percussion
    • 11 Snares
    • 20 Top
  • 98 Drum One Shots
    • 19 Claps
    • 15 Hihats
    • 26 Kicks
    • 29 Percussion
    • 9 Snares
  • 65 Bass Loops + 65 MIDI
  • 56 Synth Loops + 56 MIDI
    • 5 Arps + 5 MIDI
    • 19 Leads + 19 MIDI
    • 17 Pads + 17 MIDI
    • 15 Plucks + 15 MIDI
  • 50 Serum Presets
  • 35 FX Loops
    • 11 Downlifters
    • 10 Impacts
    • 11 Risers
    • 3 Sub Drops
  • 18 Piano Loops + 18 MIDI
  • 11 Vocal Loops
  • 11 Guitar Loops


Combine the classic sounds of hard-hitting drums and hypnotic deep rhythms, with modern electronic production techniques, and you get ‘Contemporary Deep House’! A fusion of 600+ timeless beats and innovative sounds, featuring crisp, clean production and emphasized groove and atmosphere so you can create tracks where listeners get lost in the music.

‘Contemporary Deep House’ includes a total of 617 samples, MIDI and presets, consisting of driving drum loops, booming drum one-shots, resonating bass loops with MIDI, energetic and atmospheric synth loops with MIDI, tailored Serum presets, dynamic FX loops, uplifting piano loops with MIDI, choppy and effected vocal loops, plus emotive guitar loops. Each sample is key and tempo-labelled when needed, is in 24-bit quality, and is meticulously crafted, quality checked, and royalty-free.

The synth loops providing a rich, warm, and atmospheric sound and include Arps, Leads, Pads, and Plucks, each with their own corresponding MIDI files. The FX loops, including Downlifters, Impacts, Risers, and Sub Drops, which can be used to enhance transitions, add tension, excitement, and impact to any track.

The Drums provide a driving force for productions needing rhythm and groove, they include loops & one shots for Claps, Hihats, Kicks, Percussion and Snares plus Top loops and kick loops with Claps and Snares. The Serum presets are specifically tailored to the deep house genre, and are created using a combination of synthesized and sampled sounds to provide a rich, warm, and atmospheric sound.

‘Contemporary Deep House’ has unique and engaging samples with dynamic one-shots and ever-evolving loops that push the boundaries of electronic music while remaining true to it’s roots in soulful, atmospheric house music. To provide a superior groove that is easy to follow and get lost in. So create some hypnotic, dance-able tracks today with ‘Contemporary Deep House’!

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