Drumspyder’s Forbidden Forest Grooves

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Drumspyder's Forbidden Forest Grooves (Main Demo)

Drumspyder's Forbidden Forest Grooves


Pack Contents

  • 282 Total Samples
  • 141 Tamb Drum & Shaker Loops
  • 23 Tamb Drum Low & Shaker Loops
  • 23 Frame Drum Loops
  • 20 Tamb Drum High & Shaker Loops
  • 19 Tamb Drum Loops
  • 18 Tamb Drum & Shaker Fills
  • 17 Tamb Drum Light & Shaker Loops
  • 6 Frame Drum Fills
  • 6 Drum Low & Shaker Loops
  • 4 Drum High & Shaker Loops
  • 3 Tamb Drum Low & Shaker Fills
  • 2 Tamb Drum & Shaker Halftime Loops


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Enchanting hand-played percussion instruments ready to add some beautiful rhythmic sparkle to your tracks. Forbidden Forest Grooves by Drumspyder is the second pack from the highly versatile Loop For Good series.

With an elegant mix of Tamb drums, Frame drums and Shakers giving you a range of timeless percussive loops all meticulously performed and ready to drag and drop into any project. The pack has been thoughtfully arranged into song-named folders with their matching tempos making it easy to navigate. With a very impressive tempo selection of 60, 64, 68, 72, 76, 84, 88, 92, 100, 108 and 120 BPMs there are very few genres this pack won’t work with!

Whether you’re looking to add some extra groove, create the whole rhythmic foundation to your tracks, or maybe add some traditional percussive sounds to a cinematic piece, Forbidden Forest Grooves has you covered.

***Note, only percussion from the demo track is included in the sample pack.


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