Foley Essentials Volume 1 by AK

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Ambient, Downtempo & Chill, FX, Organic Share This: 
1 review
1 review

Foley Essentials Vol 1 by AK - Demo

Foley Essentials Volume 1 by AK

Pack Contents

  • 06 Atmospheres
  • 06 Branches
  • 31 Coins
  • 16 Gravel
  • 05 Kicks
  • 32 Mixed Hits
  • 21 Paper
  • 08 Places
  • 14 Snaps & Claps
  • 08 Snares & Rims
  • 12 Wood


Producer AK presents Foley Essentials, a sample pack that taps into the sound of the living, breathing world around us. There is a certain magic that can be added to electronic based music productions when layered up with real life recordings and sound effects. In this pack you will find a selection of long atmospheres and places which work great for adding a background ambiance. Other elements from the pack such as coin rustling, branches breaking, paper tearing, gravel kicking, and wood sounds work to add an organic layer on to percussion sounds.

Please note this pack contains Foley Sounds only. The music elements are for demonstration purposes only.

Produced by AK

Download Size:  385 MB Zipped

1 review for Foley Essentials Volume 1 by AK

  1. Incredible

    It’s like you’re in a forest and making beats. Chilld.

    Nicole (verified owner)

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