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Producer AK of Foley Essentials is back with his second pack Soundscapes.  This pack will take you on a journey with its great selection of organic soundscapes of metallic drones, forest scenes, street ambiance noises, and lush chord textures.  The sounds in this pack are designed to add that extra level of atmospheric depth and life into your tracks.  Layer the vinyl textures over beats to give them warmth and dirt, or add some wind & rain noises into your breakdown to create a sense of presence.  Whether you are a film composer looking for that special element to capture that perfect mood, or a music producer looking to add some texture and atmospheres into your songs, Soundscapes will have something for you.

Sample pack download contains:

  • 20 Silver Mellow Atmospheres
  • 20 Millenial Atmospheres
  • 15 Ethereal Atmospheres
  • 40 Vinyl Crackling
  • 15 Chord Textures
  • 14 Forest
  • 17 Street Noises
  • 6 Miscellanous (Rain, Wind, & People)

1.9 GB Zipped | 2.2 GB Unzipped

Produced by AK

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