Horizons – Chilled Tropical House

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Horizons - Chilled Tropical House (Main Demo)

Horizons - Chilled Tropical House


Pack Contents

  • 1GB + of Content
  • 515 Total Samples & MIDI
  • 119 Drum Loops
    • 21 Full
    • 20 Hihats
    • 20 Kicks
    • 20 Percussion
    • 20 Tops
    • 10 Kick & Snaps
    • 9 Snaps
    • 8 Kick & Claps
    • 7 Claps
    • 2 Kick & Snares
    • 2 Snares
  • 97 Drum One Shots
    • 30 Percussion
      • 10 Snaps
      • 6 Rimshots
      • 5 Shakers
      • 5 Toms
      • 4 Woodblock
    • 24 Kicks
    • 20 Hihats
    • 8 Snaps
    • 8 Claps
    • 7 Snares
  • 55 Synth Loops + 55 MIDI
    • 21 Synth Leads + 21 MIDI
    • 15 Synth Plucks + 15 MIDI
    • 11 Synth Pads + 11 MIDI
    • 8 Synth Arps + 8 MIDI
  • 50 Serum Presets
  • 34 FX Loops
  • 26 Bass Loops + 26 MIDI
  • 25 Music Loops
  • 22 Piano Loops + 22 MIDI
  • 20 Serum Noise OSC Samples
  • 19 Guitar Loops


Dive into the lush, sun-kissed world of chilled tropical house with ‘Horizons’, a sample pack where balmy breezes meet mesmerizing melodies, and where smooth beats blend seamlessly with the gentle lull of ocean waves.

Crafted to perfection, our drum loops and one shots are your rhythm oasis. Elevate your productions with an array of pristine percussion, snaps, snares, and soothing shakers to add a laid-back groove or a touch of tropical bounce that will transport you to a serene beachfront haven.

Capture the essence of tropical bliss with our collection of lush and euphoric synth loops. These melodic gems will transport you straight to a hammock under swaying palm trees. Bask in the warm embrace of captivating leads, airy plucks, and dreamy arps that will infuse your tracks with the unmistakable vibe of paradise.

Infuse your tracks with the essence of the tropics, with rich and vibrant Serum Presets with the upmost control. The deep and evolving, tropical-infused presets will take your soundscapes to new horizons and inspire creativity.

Add the finishing touches to your tropical masterpiece with our handpicked bass, piano, and guitar loops. From silky-smooth basslines that groove with the tide to the sweet melodies of coastal guitars and ivory-tickling pianos, these loops provide a harmonious backdrop for your tracks, or a mind tingling top line.

Whether you’re crafting laid-back chillout tunes, euphoric house anthems, or tropical-infused pop tracks, ‘Horizons Chilled Tropical House’ is your passport to a world of sonic tranquility, where the only limit is your imagination. As always each sample is key and tempo-labelled when needed, is in 24-bit quality, and is meticulously crafted, quality checked and royalty-free.

So don’t let the horizon be a limit; set sail for new musical horizons with ‘Horizons Chilled Tropical House.’ Grab your sunglasses, sip your coconut drink, and let the music carry you away.


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