Illusion – Melodic Techno

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Illusion Melodic Techno (Main Demo)

Illusion - Melodic Techno


Pack Contents

  • Over 400Mb Content
  • 520 Total Samples
  • 238 Loops
    • 96 Drums
      • 50 Full Drum Loops
      • 46 Top Loops
    • 90 Synths
    • 52 Bass Synths
  • 180 One Shots
    • 80 Drums
      • 31 Kicks
      • 17 Hats
      • 12 Claps
      • 12 Percussion
      • 8 Snares
    • 50 FX
    • 25 Synths
    • 25 Bass
  • 30 Serum Presets
  • 102 MIDI Loops
    • 52 Synth Loops
    • 50 Bass Loops


Craft mesmerizing, otherworldly techno tracks that’ll keep the dancefloor grooving till dawn and let the beats weave an enchanting web of rhythm, where reality blurs, with ‘Illusion Melodic Techno’! Awaiting you inside is 500+ royalty-free samples with versatile MIDI files, cutting-edge loops, and easy to work with one shots, for endless possibilities and unleashed creativity!

🥁 Drum Loops and One Shots: Feel the pulsating energy of the dance floor as our meticulously designed drum loops take center stage. With pounding kicks, crisp snares, and intricate percussion, you’ll have the essential rhythmic foundation for your tracks. And if you crave uniqueness, our collection of one-shot drums will let you build your beats from the ground up, each hit imbued with its own character.

🎸 Bass Loops, One Shots, and MIDI Files: These thumping, rolling basslines will ensure your tracks maintain an irresistible drive. ‘Illusion’ delivers earth-shaking bass loops, one shots, and MIDI files to give you full control over your low-end. Sculpt your own basslines or let our pre-designed loops take you on a subsonic journey.

🎹 Synth Loops, One Shots, and MIDI Files: Unveil the ethereal melodies that lie within “Illusion Melodic Techno” with the exquisite synth loops, one shots, and MIDI files. From dreamy pads to enchanting arpeggios, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of sounds that will spark your imagination and grant you the power to compose your own sonic fantasies

Whether you’re a seasoned techno virtuoso or just embarking on your musical journey, this pack is your key to crafting music that blurs the lines between reality and illusion. The possibilities are endless, the journey is surreal, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary! Get ‘Illusion Melodic Techno’ now!


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