Kuassa Amplifikation 360

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A wrapper, integrator, a host, or just lets say it’s a playground for guitarist. Mix, integrate, explore and perform with Kuassa Amplifikations and Efektors you own, automatically added as building blocks inside Amplifikation 360.


Amplifikation 360 is a platform to combine Kuassa’s Amplifikation Amp sims and Efektor Pedal Effects emulation plug-ins. Each of the plug-ins will be “converted” as modules inside Amplifikation 360, enabling you to route, mix and match every modules for a more advanced routing. Like a pedalboard, or a virtual guitar rig of your own, or let’s say a modular playground.

A single amp and few effects are already available for free inside Amplifikation 360, perfect for starting out a minimalist set. Or grow your rig as you want by purchasing singular modules one by one and use it for a custom full upgrade later. What’s more flexible than this?


Amplifikation 360 is a modular “playground” for stacking pedals, amps, and cabs to create the perfect sound you want. Immediately combine every Kuassa guitar plug-ins you own inside Amplifikation 360. Try routing Matchlock‘s Amp with Caliburn‘s Cabinet, add a series (and parallel routings) of Efektor pedals to get that spacey shoegazing wall of sound, bigger than live djent riffs, or even a trippy psychedelic leads.

Amplifikation 360 is the answer for a fast patch design, thanks to its uniquely intuitive, single screen graphic interface. Amplifikation 360 is also among the very few guitar amp sims which are really enjoyable to bring on a live performance. Create preset within minutes, plug any midi pedal controller and set the midi channels quickly and use “Live” mode to quickly switch scenes smoothly without glitch/popping.

Amplifikation 360 is a PLAYGROUND for our existing users, our fans to unify and heighten your already great experience to a new level with our products


  • Free routing with unlimited device.
  • Every Amplifikation and Efektor you owned automatically registered.
  • All features from all Kuassa plug-ins on a single interface.
  • Assignable MIDI control.
  • “Live mode” for seamless Session change while playing.
  • Movable interface panels.
  • Looper/audio player.
  • Combine effects in the Container Unit with various routing options.
  • Chromatic Tuner



  • Windows Vista or Later (32/64 bit)
  • Core2 Duo, or AMD Phenom ii X4 or better (latest Intel i3, AMD A4, or
  • better is recommended) with 4GB minimum RAM
  • VST/VST3/AAX compatible host/sequencer or later.


  • Mac OS Catalina Support
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or later (64 Bit).
  • Core2 Duo, or better (latest Intel i3 recommended) with 4GB minimum RAM
  • VST/VST3/AU/AAX compatible host/sequencer, Protools 10 or later.


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