Linguistics by None Like Joshua

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5 reviews
5 reviews

Linguistics (main demo)

Linguistics by None Like Joshua


Pack Contents

  • 7000 Vocal Samples
    • Loops
    • Beatbox
    • Breaths
    • Characters
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Spanish
    • Laughs
    • Passages
    • Screams
    • FX


From the mind of None Like Joshua comes a one of a kind vocal sample pack with a staggering 7000 vocal samples for your productions.  The versatility in this pack is unmatched with phrases ranging from whisper, conversation, loud, and yelling. Many of the parts feature as many as 8 different takes (for doubles, triples, and different timings). Six different languages are also covered in this pack, English being the main focus. Use the vocals as is or run them through your favorite vocoder, time-stretcher, pitch shifter, or other effect of your choice to add your own distinct flavor to these sounds. The sound design possibilities with the large amount of material in this pack are enough to keep anyone busy for years.

Whats included in the pack?

Loops – 5290 phrases and loops recorded at 85, 110, and 130 bpm. These short phrases work wonders in various styles – perfect for fills, breakdowns, or chaining together to create longer phrases. Each phrase comes at various volumes (whisper, conversation, loud, yelling) to match the energy of your song or for ramping up the excitement.

Beatbox – 80 single shot recordings of mouth percussion. Great for adding snippets into drum loops to make percussion more interesting. Great for tech house, techno, electro, and any style that could use some vocal percussion.

Breaths – 75 Long exhales, short gasps, and other random breath sounds. Drench these sounds in reverb for some long vocal ambiences. Stretch, reverse, and delay fx works wonders on these sounds.

Characters – 304 voices in different vocal styles. Beast mode, Emo, Gamer, Hipster, Nerdy, Old Man, Rapper, Uncle Jeorge, Religious, and stereo-typical Japanese, Jamaican, and British accents.

English – 485 english words, short phrases, and numbers.

French – 154 french words, short phrases, and numbers.

German – 155 German words, short phrases, and numbers.

Japanese – 272 Japanese words, shorts phrases, and numbers.

Spanish – 160 Spanish words, short phrases, and numbers.

Laughs – 30 Laughing sounds to be used at your disposal. Pitch these down low for some extra creepy evilness!

Misc – 112 random mouth sounds ranging from barfing sounds, vocal clicks, grunts, and scat riffs. Another gold mine for the sound designers.

Passages – 5 lengthy intellectual readings great for spiritual or psychedelic intros or breakdowns.

Screams – Long yells and other random screams. These sound amazing drenched in reverb and delay!

FX – 15 reverse breaths and noises to help with build ups and transitions.

Size (Unzipped) 2.5 GB

Format 24 bit WAV  |  All of the vocals except for the FX are dry.

5 reviews for Linguistics by None Like Joshua

  1. Enormous

    Like this!

    Erica (verified owner)

  2. lol

    Japanese samples are very funny, it’s secretly popular in Japan. “オメエナニイッテンダ”

    Hizumi Rei (verified owner)

  3. Just words

    Just single words and sounds

    Joshua (verified owner)


    Lots of phrases and sounds

    Kenny (verified owner)

  5. bruh

    are these just two white kids doing a bunch of impressions???? X_X

    SKULLFUCKSLUDGEGIRL (verified owner)

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