Midwest Lo-Fi

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Midwest Lo-Fi (Main Demo)

Midwest Lo-Fi


Pack Contents

  • Over 420mb of Content
  • 300 Total Samples
  • 98 Drum One Shots
    • 9 Crash One Shots
    • 14 Hihat One Shots
    • 17 Kick One Shots
    • 29 Percussion One Shots
    • 29 Snare One Shots
  • 60 Vocal One Shots
  • 51 Guitar Loops
  • 26 FX One Shots
    • 9 Ambience One Shots
    • 7 Misc FX One Shots
    • 3 Impact One Shots
    • 7 Reverse FX One Shots
  • 21 Drum Loops
  • 18 Vocal Loops
  • 13 Top Loops
  • 5 Drum Fills
  • 4 Bass Loops
  • 4 FX Loops


Immerse yourself in the soulful, nostalgic vibes of ‘Midwest LoFi’ with this meticulously crafted collection that that encapsulate the warmth and authenticity of Lo-Fi through Drums, Vocals, Guitars and more!

Drum Loops and One Shots: From laid-back, dusty grooves to crisp and punchy one shots, “Midwest Lo-Fi” offers a diverse array of percussion elements that effortlessly blend the old-school charm of the Midwest using modern production. Whether you’re creating a chilled-out beat or a soulful groove, these drum snares, FX, kicks, hihats, crashes and fills are the secret sauce to a truly authentic Lo-Fi experience.

Vocals One Shots and Loops: Elevate your tracks with the heartfelt and soul-stirring vocal one shots, or experiment with the enchanting vocal loops that add a human touch to your music. The carefully selected vocal elements in this pack are a versatile addition to any genre, seamlessly blending into your productions to create an emotion packed sonic landscape.

Guitar Loops: Infuse your compositions with the organic warmth of guitar tones with the loops included in “Midwest Lo-Fi.” From mellow strums to intricate fingerpicked melodies, these loops provide a diverse palette of textures to enhance your music. the soulful guitar loops in this pack add a touch of authenticity that resonates with the heart of the Midwest.

Unleash the sonic magic of “Midwest Lo-Fi” and let your production resonate with the soulful vibes of this Lo-Fi landscape.


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