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The Sound Engine

At its core, Current combines five powerful sound engines, a wealth of modulation options, expressive MIDI effects, FM synthesis, innovative filtering, and more, producing a unified sound design ecosystem

Spectral Wavetable Oscillators

Advanced spectral oscillators provide a wide range of waveform manipulation, including spectral effects, formant shifting, wave-folding, and filtering. Explore rich unison and a plethora of beautifully designed wavetables, all with state-of-the-art anti-aliasing.

Granular Engine

Completely transform samples into endless clouds, undulating patterns, and everything in between. Innovative features, such as layer sequencing and multi-position playback, make it a pleasure to work with for both new and experienced granular explorers.

Additive Sub Oscillator

Completely transform samples into endless clouds, undulating patterns, and everything in between. Innovative features, such as layer sequencing and multi-position playback, make it a pleasure to work with for both new and experienced granular explorers.

Time Stretching Sampler

Stretch and transpose samples using an advanced time-stretching algorithm — perfect for using and abusing our extensive loop library. Classic “re-pitch” behavior is also available with rich unison and stereo widening.

Morphing Filters

Current’s dual filters include 50+ modes, such as morphing, vowel, comb, and more. Quickly produce tuned harmonic effects with perfect key-tracking, and utilize flexible routing with gain-compensated series and parallel configurations.

Modular FM/AM

Generate harmonically rich and unpredictable sounds with the easy-to-use frequency and amplitude modulation panel. Feedback and cross-modulation routing are available as well as an extra noise source for extra grit.

Flexible Modulation System

Current’s modulation control bar provides quick access to a variety of modulation sources. Drag and drop to any destination, swap modulator types without losing connections, cross-modulate between sources, and use depth modulation for maximum control.

Curve Sequencer

Create any modulation signal you can imagine, ranging from multi-shape sequences to complex envelopes. All of this can be easily accomplished using flexible drawing tools, undo/redo, randomization, and ready-to-go presets.


A five-stage envelope generator, perfect for punchy and precise modulation signals. Envelopes can be BPM-synced, and additional features such as invertible level and loop mode make it capable of much more than a standard ADSR.

Morphing LFO

Create classic LFO shapes with carefully tuned randomization which add the perfect amount of unpredictability when needed. Additional features, such as fade in/out and invertible output level, help speed up common modulation tasks.

Envelope Followers

Add dynamic modulation that responds to any of Current’s sound sources. Try using a muted drum loop to gate an oscillator, or apply ducking to a sample layer using the sub’s output signal. There are tons of practical and creative possibilities to explore.


Create more expressive patches with full MPE and MIDI keyboard support. Standard MIDI control signals, such as key-tracking and aftertouch, are available, and MPE mode adds seamless integration with your MPE controller.

Effects Rack

Current’s effect rack offers a freely loadable and re-arrangeable chain of all of Minimal Audio’s standalone plugins. On top of creative effects, current offers the flexibility and mixing tools you need to create polished sounds right out of the box.

Polar Distortion

A high-powered distortion effect with 30 algorithms that can be combined using our unique bipolar engine. Rift’s little brother. Integrated multi-band processing and a carefully tuned EQ are perfect for further tone shaping.

Flex Chorus

Perfect for producing lush unison and ensemble effects. Flex Chorus provides two state-of-the-art algorithms, up to 24 voices, and maintains clarity with its multi-band capabilities.

Fuse Compressor

A modern multi-band compressor capable of tight dynamics control, detailed enhancement, and over-the-top effects. Up to six bands of dual compression and macro controls make it powerful and easy to use.

Cluster Delay

A unique multi-tap delay that can be used to create rhythmic patterns and complex spaces. Cluster Delay includes six routable effects, automatic ducking, stereo controls, and more.

Morph EQ

A pro-quality EQ that allows the drawing of custom filter movements using unique “morph paths.” Four additional macro knobs can be used to further manipulate the EQ’s frequency response.

Hybrid Filter

A powerful multi-mode filter capable of producing countless effects. Hybrid Filter includes 50+ filter types, an integrated envelope follower, and a multi-band crossover to preserve the low end.

Ripple Phaser

From classic phasing to unique low-pass filtering, Ripple Phaser’s six modes, flexible modulation, and stereo controls make it easy to add animated movement to your patches.

Swarm Reverb

Equally suited for natural spaces as it is for lush ambient effects. Swarm Reverb’s flexible reflection stages, integrated ducking, and BPM-synced pre-delay make it easy to find the perfect settings.

The Stream

The beating heart of Current is the Stream, a cloud-connected content browser integrated directly into the instrument. Discover new presets, samples, and wavetables that are automatically added as you work. Preview, download, favorite, and get right back to making music.


In the Stream’s preset section, you can browse and preview a vast library of patches. Themed packs provide sounds ranging from hyped-up vocal chops to massive basses. Current’s presets are unlike any other synths; they’re entire song starters, and there’s always more to explore.


Open the sounds tab for instant access to thousands of high-quality samples, ranging from lush melodies to unique lo-fi textures, and everything in between. Seamlessly load samples into the engine with deep integrations, such as automatic key and tempo detection.


The wavetable view provides access to an extensive library of custom waveforms that can be loaded into Current’s wavetable oscillators. Explore classic analog, acoustic instruments, high-tech digital, and beyond.


Packs are curated collections of content that focus on a specific theme and creative purpose. New packs are continuously added, and existing ones are regularly updated with additional patches. Click on a pack to view its contents and download the entire collection if desired.


Minimal Audio take their role in your workflow seriously. That’s why the Stream includes fast optimized text search as well as an extensive tag system, allowing you to quickly find what you need.

Offline Mode

A fully-featured offline mode is available when you’re on the go or prefer not to be online. Get all the same benefits of our cloud-connected search using the content that is already installed on your computer, so you can keep creating anywhere you like.

System Requirements


  • macOS 10.9 and higher, including native Apple silicon
  • 64-bit AAX, AU, VST2, and/or VST3 format


  • Windows 10 and higher.
  • 64-bit AAX,, VST2, and/or VST3 format


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