Modern DNB For Pigments by ARTFX

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3 reviews
3 reviews

Modern DNB For Pigments by ARTFX (Main Demo)

Modern DNB For Pigments by ARTFX


Pack Contents

  • 128 Presets for Arturia Pigments
    • 60 Hard Basses
    • 13 Atmospheric Pads
    • 12 Leads
    • 12 Sub Basses
    • 8 Sequences
    • 5 Pads
    • 4 Drums
    • 4 Sound FX
    • 4 Strings
    • 3 Plucked Basses
    • 2 Soft Basses
    • 1 Bell


Are you a producer looking for the ultimate collection of professional presets to take your drum and bass productions to the next level? Look no further than Modern DnB Presets for Pigments by industry legend ARTFX!

This preset pack is specifically designed for Arturia Pigments, one of the most versatile and powerful instruments available to producers today. Providing a wide range of sounds that are perfectly tailored to the needs of drum and bass music, including atmospheric pads, piercing leads, complex sequence, lush strings, sweeping FX, and hard hitting drums. All with intricate design notes and tags so you know exactly what the preset will sound like and where it would work best in your tracks.

The basses in Modern DnB Presets for Pigments are undoubtedly the main feature of this preset pack. From, hard basses that are perfect for drop sections, to sub basses for depth and weight, and soft basses to add warmth and character to your productions. These presets are designed to be the backbone of your drum and bass productions.

ArtFX has spared no expense in crafting each preset, the Rotterdam based Drum & Bass producer and YouTube content creator has used his 10+ years of industry experience and the latest techniques to create sounds that are both cutting-edge and timeless. Every preset has powerful macro controls, so you can quickly and easily adjust the key parameters of each preset, ensuring that you get the most out of this powerful pack!

But don’t just take our word for it. Try out these heavy drum and bass Pigments presets for yourself and see the difference they can make in your music. With its versatile and dynamic sounds, you’ll be able to create tracks that are truly one-of-a-kind, so why settle for ordinary presets when you can get presets from ArtFX, with ‘Modern DnB for Pigments’!

3 reviews for Modern DNB For Pigments by ARTFX

  1. Great!

    So far the first and only preset pack for Pigments I bought and I learned a lot from it. The sounds are super useful as well if you are into the deeper side of Neurofunk.

    ondrej.kral (verified owner)

  2. Nearly Excellent

    I found many useful sounds in the preset pack, and they have a good quality to them so I feel I got my money’s worth (I got it on sale so it’s easier for me to say that). I would have given it five stars except most of the presets don’t react to the Mod wheel in any way, which is odd because it should have been easy to assign it to vibrato or filter frequency even if they weren’t in the mood to make the Mod wheel do anything fancier. I also ran into trouble getting the preset pack to display an icon in Pigments; the pack comes with a file called “Black Octopus Sound – Modern DNB For Pigments by ARTFX – Artwork.jpg” that is supposed to be copied into a certain folder on your computer where Pigments will read it in to display artwork, but the file wasn’t working – it took me several hours of troubleshooting until I figured out the file needed to be renamed to “Modern DNB For Pigments.png” so it would be detected. Note that the new file has a “png” extension instead of the “jpg” it originally has – you don’t need to convert the image in a graphics program or anything like that, just rename the file and Pigments will figure out what to do with the file.

    mark-7558 (verified owner)

  3. Really nice preset pack for Pigments!

    This is a really nice DnB preset pack for Pigments, a synth that doesn’t get featured often in this genre when it comes to presets.

    P (verified owner)

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