ScrapKode’s Phosphorus – Neurodub Pigments Presets

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1 review
1 review

ScrapKode's Phosphorus - Neurodub Pigments Presets (Main Demo)

ScrapKode's Phosphorus - Neurodub Pigments Presets


Pack Contents

  • 105 Total Contents
  • 3 Drum Patches
  • 102 Total Presets
    • 27 Hard Basses
    • 13 Pads
    •  12 Sound Effects
    • 12 Bass Lines
    • 9 Melodic Sequences
    • 9 Leads
    • 8 Sub Basses
    • 4 Drums
    • 4 Keys
    • 2 Organs
    • 1 Strings
    •  1 Vocal


Get a supreme collection of futuristic and mind-bending sounds in ScrapKode’s ‘Phosphorus – Neurodub Pigments Presets’ for Arturia’s software synthesizer! This pack offers 102 presets & 3 drum patches for a unique blend of cutting-edge neurofunk and dubstep vibes with a distinctly futuristic edge.

From earth-shattering basses that thunder and growl to soaring leads that evoke the neon-lit landscapes of a dystopian future, this pack has everything you need to create truly memorable and impactful music. With intricate FX, atmospheric pads, powerful drums, impacting keys, mesmerizing melodic sequences, plus more presets, this pack has a wealth of creative possibilities for producers of all genres and styles.

ScrapKode is a Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, and Industrial music producer of almost 24 years and his expertise in arrangement, sound design, music production, mixing, & scoring shows throughout this pack. Winner of 3 Sony sponsored remix contests, he is also known for his critically-acclaimed score, a number 1 on, and headlining major club nights in the Southeast USA. He is currently a Mentor for Music Producer Alliance and signed to Patrol The Skies Music.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, each preset has been meticulously crafted to deliver maximum impact and clarity, with a focus on ensuring that every sound captures the listener’s attention. ScrapKode’s ‘Phosphorus Pigments Presets’ is sure to inspire some cutting-edge Neurodub tracks! So why wait?

1 review for ScrapKode’s Phosphorus – Neurodub Pigments Presets

  1. Pretty Good

    This pack might be useful for musicians who are looking for the wub wub wub sounds of dub. Personally I was looking for something else, but I don’t want to dock the presets just because they don’t align with the genre I’m focused on. The pack had about 50% of its presets reacting to the Mod wheel, so from that perspective it took my rating to 4.5 stars, and then I considered that some of the presets might be a little to similar to one another, which can be good at times but in this case I think I was hoping for more variety, so I ultimately rounded down to four stars. Unrelated to my star rating, I also ran into trouble getting the preset pack to display an icon in Pigments; the pack comes with a file called “ScrapKode’s Phosphorus – Neurodub Pigments Presets.jpg” that is supposed to be copied into a certain folder on your computer where Pigments will read it, but Pigments wasn’t showing the graphic; I spent several hours troubleshooting the issue until I figured out the file needed to be renamed to “ScrapKode Phosphorus.png” to be detected. Note the new file has a “png” extension instead “jpg” – you don’t need to convert the file in a graphics program or anything like that, just rename the file and Pigments will figure out how to read it. Since people are mainly interested in the sounds I didn’t let the graphics problem influence my star rating. I’ve seen the graphics problem in other designers’ sound packs, it seems to be a common issue.

    mark-7558 (verified owner)

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