Psychedelic Voyage by Futuretone

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Psychedelic Voyage by Futuretone (Main Demo)

Psychedelic Voyage by Futuretone


Pack Contents

  • Over 300mb of Content
  • 382 Total Sounds
  • 81 Serum Presets
  • 52 FX One Shots
    • 6 Fallers
    • 4 Sweeps
    • 6 Lasers
    • 9 Risers
    • 27 Textures
  • 45 Synth Loops
  • 39 Drum One Shots
    • 15 Kicks
    • 8 Claps
    • 16 Open Hihats
  • 39 Percussion
    • 5 Bells
    • 7 Congos
    • 8 Djembes
    • 19 Shakers
  • 30 Synth One Shots
  • 26 Pad Loops
  • 24 Bass Loops
  • 18 Drum Loops
    • 10 Drum Loops
    • 8 Top Loops
  • 18 Bass One Shots
  • 10 Texture Loops


Unleash a sonic odyssey with ‘Psychedelic Voyage’, a musical time machine crafted by Futuretone. This pack is a trip-inducing, dancefloor grooving, fusion of 80+ Serum presets and 300+ meticulously curated samples, includes ethereal effects, pulsating basslines, otherworldly synths, and mesmerizing drums, and more samples ready to infuse your tracks with a psychedelic flair.

Drums: Feel the pulse of the cosmos with a collection of mind-blowing drum one shots and loops. Inject unparalleled energy into your beats with earth-shattering kicks, mind-altering hats, dynamic shakers, resonating claps, and intricately layered percussion so you can let the rhythm take control.

Synths: Elevate your melodies to otherworldly dimensions with our diverse selection of synth loops and one shots. Futuretone has meticulously crafted these sounds to be the backbone of your sonic landscape, providing rich pads, punchy one shots, and ethereal leads that will resonate through the fabric of your music.

FX: Add the finishing touches to your tracks with an array of effects one shots and texture loops that defy the conventional. Whether you’re seeking subtle sweeps, mind-warping textures, cosmic risers, fallers, and even lasers, this collection provides the perfect accents to elevate your production to new, psychedelic heights.

Serum Presets: These presets are the product of Futuretone’s expertise, offering a kaleidoscope of evolving pads, gripping synths, intricate effects, and futuristic basses. Transform your sound with the touch of a knob and sculpt your own sonic universe.

These samples have been expertly designed with key and tempo-labelled when needed, 24-bit quality, and meticulously crafted, quality checked and royalty-free. So transport your music into the realms of psychedelic euphoria, and let your creativity soar with the mind bending samples inside ‘Psychedelic Voyage’.


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