SOR – Deep Reflections

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SOR - Deep Reflections (Main Demo)

SOR - Deep Reflections

Pack Contents

  • 801 Total Sounds
  • 147 Drums
  • 81 Bass Loops
  • 71 Synth Loops
  • 60 Kit Loops
  • 65 FX
  • 57 Perc Loops
  • 46 Hat Loops
  • 38 Top Loops
  • 36 Experimental Loops
  • 30 Kick Loops
  • 29 TB-303 Bass Loops
  • 26 Processed Field Recordings
  • 19 Analog FX
  • 18 Atmospheres
  • 16 Noise Loops
  • 15 Impacts
  • 15 Processed Vocals
  • 13 Click Loops
  • 7 Movie Vocals
  • 7 Washes
  • 5 Live Perc Loops


Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution presents a brand new sonic exploration: SOR Deep Reflections

With this content, you can give your next Techno hit a dubbed-out feel!

SOR Deep Reflections covers dark and mystic atmospheric sounds, fresh-n-crisp drums, (analog) kicks with an attitude, hypnotizing and inspiring melodic loops, deep bass and TB-303 loops, and certainly many more spices a producer may desire. You also get (analog) effects, creatively processed field recordings/vocals, (live) percussion, analog sweeps, unique click/percussion experiments, loads of noisy elements, and just so much more, making your next techno production session even more exciting!

Carefully crafted, perfectly sorted into many categories, including root key (if applicable) for instant usability, and, of course, gently treated with the latest’n’greatest analogue gear & toys in sound design, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Many loops are available in a variety of flavors (dry/wet effect versions, construction kits, etc.) to inspire producers right away and give them the most creative freedom possible.

Delivered at 124 BPM this collection is ready immediately for use in Techno, Deep Tech, Minimal, and Dub influenced House.

SOR Deep Reflections demonstrates how meticulous attention to detail can result in a unique, creative, and useful addition to any electronic music producer’s toolset.

If you want to give your current works new depths or a more spatial and experimental feel this pack is for you. For the most discerning producers, authentic electronic sounds!

Note: The few Movie Vocals, are licensed for use under the new Creative Commons (Public Domain Mark 1.0) license agreement:


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