Stay Inspired Beats – Vol 2 – Free Sample Pack

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Hip-Hop, House & Garage, Pop, Progressive, Tech / Techno, Vocal Samples Share This: 
57 reviews
57 reviews

Pack Contents

  • Over 800 MB of Sounds
  • 33 Bass Samples
  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 137 Drum Shots & Loops
  • 129 FX Shots & Loops
  • 10 Xfer Serum Presets & Wavetables
  • 73 Sub Phatty Samples
  • 39 Waldorf Samples
  • 47 Synth Shots & Loops
  • 30 Vocal Samples
  • Completely FREE!


During times of crisis, and in this case a pandemic, we all know the best way to overcome and endure is to come together and find like minded inspirations to help one another get through. Black Octopus wants to give back to its community of creatives, musicians and artists, and have therefor put together another bundle built by its elite artists; Stay Inspired Beats. This is the follow up to the earlier pack “Stay At Home Beats”, released earlier in 2020.

Stay Inspired Beats is made by artists, for artists. Built with top shelf premium quality samples, one shots, presets, and much more. This will keep you moving along and creating your own artistic vision while the world heals and becomes one! Artists that helped make this pack include: Greg Oerlemans, Dennis Sheppard, Killsam, Jackson Frost, Diamaudix Audio, Everyman, Veela, Nick Tourbis, & Michael Misch!

This is the definitive sound library for all styles of productions, providing you with inspiration for years to come. Enjoy, and we will make it through this TOGETHER as one!

57 reviews for Stay Inspired Beats – Vol 2 – Free Sample Pack

  1. So Cool!


    The Raptor (verified owner)

  2. Thank you

    This pack will keep going through the second lockdown

    lsmsehume (verified owner)

  3. Stay Inspired Beats Vol 2. - Sure does!!

    This collection does what it says on the tin – Keeping me inspired to knock out beats a plenty

    lloydbrownmusic (verified owner)

  4. Black Octopus is the BEST!

    A free gift this awesome is just too amazing!

    Dan Zod (verified owner)

  5. ❤️


    Zandu Max (verified owner)

  6. 5 stars

    Absolutely Amazing!

    Christopher (verified owner)

  7. great samples

    very versatile

    Rene (verified owner)

  8. muchas gracias

    muy buenos sonidos de calidad, gracias (verified owner)

  9. thank you

    Thank you so much

    rémy petitot (verified owner)

  10. Good for a sampler pack

    Pretty dope for a sampler

    Nate (verified owner)

  11. THE BEST

    I kinda hit a producer block, but with this I have a feeling that I can cook-up some new beats

    Jason Weiss (verified owner)

  12. Lovely@

    Very nice free pack from the amazing people at Black Octopus!

    Max Trone (verified owner)

  13. Best

    Uma das melhores opções já no final do Ano, é perfeito. Muito obrigado por disponibilizar este Pack para terminar alguns projetos e claro, começar outras tendo em mente que tudo será melhor em nosso 2021.

    FERNANDO DE PATRICIO (verified owner)

  14. No doubt

    Is free! So many different styles. The previous “stay at home” sample pack was so good that I have no doubt this one will be too.

    jussiriissanen (verified owner)

  15. Great starter pack!

    Everything you need to start your first tune!

    Jonathan (verified owner)

  16. Beats free!

    Great free beats

    ser_j08 (verified owner)

  17. number one

    beatiful pack

    hüseyin (verified owner)

  18. My First Sample Pack Review

    Hey, This Is My First Review And I’m Just Checking Out To See What You Guys Got.

    Christian Colon (verified owner)

  19. that's the stuff!

    that’s the stuff!

    machodan (verified owner)

  20. <3

    really nice pack

    rastanikita (verified owner)

  21. Thank you!

    Excited to dig through this!

    D (verified owner)

  22. Thanks! <3


    Marc Wojtkowiak (verified owner)



    djbetocornejo (verified owner)

  24. good


    Phi (verified owner)

  25. Amazing Pack

    The Sound Design is Great

    christel tauxe (verified owner)

  26. BOS a huge human gratitude to you!

    In addition to regular discounts and various bonuses, you make nice gifts, which is very important at the moment. About the collection, I will say this, with my focus on Techno and Synthwave, there is something to apply, you will definitely hear something from this collection in my new tracks =)
    upd_ I want to sincerely thank you and congratulate you on the new year 2021! Wish you good health, take care of yourself!

    vstforcubase (verified owner)

  27. Great sounds

    Great sounds

    flashflood01 (verified owner)

  28. super to je

    pradada to je

    Lukas Petrun (verified owner)

  29. I like sound

    These are fun.

    Tara (verified owner)

  30. Free To Play

    Everyone should try it

    followenoonme (verified owner)

  31. Cool Beatz

    It is a nice pack

    stevecaine75 (verified owner)

  32. Nice stuff

    Amazing samples.

    radekzwolinski (verified owner)

  33. Excellent


    brams443 (verified owner)

  34. Cool


    Péter Pintér (verified owner)

  35. very nice for a free product

    like it, im studyng with it

    Mateus Sabino (verified owner)

  36. RE: Stay Inspired Beats - Vol 2

    A great resource for several different genres

    dylanross239 (verified owner)

  37. Great sounds

    Quality sounds in a free sample pack, very useful and easy to use. Samples can be chopped, manipulated, reversed, stretched… however your creativity takes you.

    Matthew Beven (verified owner)

  38. Excelente compra

    Muy buena compra, recomendado

    teresita zenteno (verified owner)

  39. Nice!

    Good sample pack

    Thor Ivan Furu (verified owner)

  40. Pretty Darn Good

    snazzy, nice, warm. Pretty sick stuff. Would recommend.

    Raphael Harvey (verified owner)

  41. ZAEBOK


    g3g3g g43g34g (verified owner)

  42. Очень крутой пак, еее мене

    это просто бомба, пушка!!!

    Andrei Belinskii (verified owner)

  43. Good

    Great samples

    M W (verified owner)

  44. Espalindroma


    franecsco spadoni (verified owner)

  45. Dwdqwdqwd


    Maksim Koselev (verified owner)

  46. Stay Inspired Beats


    rita villamagna (verified owner)

  47. Good

    Muito bom

    juniorlemes (verified owner)

  48. great


    e.mendoza1 (verified owner)

  49. stay tuned

    quite interesting, I’ve just got this pack and can’t wait testing it

    demetre makantalashvili (verified owner)

  50. เป็น sample ที่ดีมากๆ


    nukhrab855 (verified owner)

  51. Awesome pack

    Quality sounds here!

    Sam Zhang (verified owner)

  52. stay inspired


    mbishnu203 (verified owner)

  53. TOP

    Magic and beautiful pack from you best track

    maxim bessonov (verified owner)

  54. Very good!!!

    The sounds that are in this pack made me very good, and best of all, it’s free, what more could you ask for?

    arath122003 (verified owner)

  55. Great Sequel to Stay at Home Beats

    Really good addition to the other free offer Stay at Home Beats!

    maxwaremuzik (verified owner)

  56. Why are you reading this? Get it already!

    Great sounds at the low, low price of NOTHING! Don’t pass this one up!

    joshua4640 (verified owner)

  57. Very beautifull

    Nice pack

    Daniel Rodrigues (verified owner)

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