Strings & Keys Bundle

Strings & Keys Bundle - Demo Track

Strings & Keys Bundle


Pack Contents

  • 414 Piano Loops
  • 37 Piano Ensemble Loops
  • 110 Rhodes
  • 252 Cello Loops
  • 193 Song Starter Stems
  • 94 String Ensemble Loops
  • 33 Violin Loops
  • 33 Viola Loops
  • 491 Guitar One Shots
  • 65 Guitar Loops
  • 23 Guitar Ensemble Loops
  • 138 Music Loops
  • 186 Synth Loops
  • 132 Drum One Shots
  • 189 Drum Loops
  • 79 Percussion Loops
  • 69 Bass Loops
  • 20 Ambient Loops
  • 35 FX & Drones
  • 13 Vocal Loops
  • Over 10GB of Samples


Piano, violin, guitar, and cello are all instruments composers have used for centuries to evoke a deep sense of feeling in their music.

The slow drone of a cello, the thrashing of a violin, maniacal key pounding on a piano; the level of soul and spirit that these instruments are capable of transmitting is enormous.

Welcome to the Strings & Keys super bundle, available for a limited time only. This outrageously priced bundle is full of some of our best selling live instrument packs including:

  • Hip Hop Strings
  • Emotional Strings
  • Emotional Keys
  • Lofi House Keys
  • Lofi Soul Keys
  • Striking Latin Guitar
  • Cinematic Guitars
  • Mixed Emotions (Pop & Trap Melodies)
  • Ambient Guitars Volume 1
  • Ambient Guitars Volume 2

Hip Hop StringsEmotional Strings

These sound libraries are gorgeously produced and recorded with professional musicians, in pro studio environments, with the best microphones. These sample packs have a long shelf life, 10 years from now these will still stand up to current produced sample packs. You can use these libraries as a source of inspiration and musical brilliance for a very long time.

The long shelf life of these sample packs, the ridiculously high quantity of beautiful instruments, and the low price point makes this bundle deal a spectacular value offering.

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