Techno Maschinen

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Resonance Sound - Techno Maschinen (Main Demo)

Techno Maschinen

Pack Contents

  • Analog 808: 256 Samples
  • Blck_Noir: 288 Samples
  • Brute Drums: 384 Samples
  • Motor City: 12 kits: 192 Samples
  • System Techno: 288 samples
  • Tube Drums: 320 samples


Resonance Sound proudly presents Techno Maschinen, a massive drum kit arsenal by Marco Scherer / DATACULT.

Techno Maschinen brings you more than 100 drum kits with grit, dirt and punch. Made with a variety of raw tube machines, modular monster synths and classic drummers, these samples stand for the aesthetics of the underground in all its variety. Whether youëre producing Minimal, Deep Tech, Electro or undisputed Techno, these are for you.

The drums were created with hardware synths like Erica’s Techno System, the super-rare and undisputed Metasonix D-1000 and D-2000 bad boy drummies, Arturia’s DrumBrute, Endorphin’s very unique Blck_Noir module and a variety of more common machines as well. Machines like Jomox Air-Base 99, a Roland TR8, Korg Radias and others. All tenderly recorded through a TLA 5021 compressor, as well as a Technics RS-T11 Cassette Deck and driven with other gritty hardware gear.

The kits come with 16 samples each and ready-to-go presets & patterns for Maschine 2, Studio and Jam, Kontakt 5, Battery 3 upwards, Geist, Geist Lite and Ableton Drumrack. Furthermore the whole range of modern Akai MPC models is supported (MPC1000 upwards and Elements, Studio, Renaissance, Touch, Live, X and Force). Plus the open SFZ format. You can drop the drums into any sampler as well.


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