RS – Techno Spheres – Arturia Pigments Presets

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Techno Spheres - Arturia Pigments Presets (Main Demo)

RS - Techno Spheres - Arturia Pigments Presets

Pack Contents

  • 64 Arturia Pigments Presets
  • Macro Controllers Allocated
  • Modwheel Modulation


Discover a new supreme collection of techno sounds with our all-new “Techno Spheres” Arturia Pigments presets by Resonance Sound. Delivering an inspiring toolbox for deep, melodic, and ethereal techno music production.

With the greatly versatile sound engines of Pigments – Wavetable, Granular and Harmonic engines, dual filter modules including filter types of iconic analog classics, and the overwhelming possibilities of modulation, Pigments is an ultimate powerhouse for modern music production today. The presets of our Techno Spheres soundbank make use of all the striking features of this synthesizer, in order to deliver instantly inspiring presets for deep and moody techno tracks, and creative toolbox sounds for grooving tech house tracks.

For maximal usability, all presets come with full mod-wheel modulation and additional sound tweaking changes mapped to the 4 macro controllers. Just load the presets and start producing! Many of the presets already make extensive use of the modulation possibilities and Utility engine, to give the sounds a more organic and also the loving touch of wanted imperfection – for the more unique imprinting inside your techno tracks.

In detail, the soundbank contains: 22 Bass, 10 Keyboard, 22 Lead, and 10 Pad presets. The installation process is also very comfortable, all the presets are packed into one single file, which you just need to import within the Pigments menu. A short installation guide (in case it`s needed) is of course included in the package.

Arturia Pigments version or later


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