Vocal Atmospheres by Cristina Soto

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Ambient, Downtempo & Chill, Female, Vocal Samples Share This: 
11 reviews
11 reviews

Vocal Atmospheres by Cristina Soto (main demo)

Vocal Atmospheres by Cristina Soto


Pack Contents

  • 24 Harmonies, Ad Libs & Layers
  • 5 Huge Textures
  • 55 Evolving Atmospheres
  • 38 Long Note Atmospheres
  • 13 Single Note (ahh)
  • 13 Single Note (Oh)
  • 24 Swells
  • 36 Swell Chords


Black Octopus Sound is proud to present Vocal Atmospheres by Cristina Soto! 

After the success of Cristina Soto’s previous pack “Souls”, she has returned to give you something incredible, and truly angelic! Vocal Atmospheres is a pack filled to the brim with ambient, lush and evolving vocals, which are perfect for all genres of music production that need a little elegance. 

Inside the pack are entire vocal harmony sections, so you can interlace together and decide just how big you want to take it. Alongside the full harmonies are luxurious moving textures, sustained notes, atmospheres, swells and chords. This top quality, high end library, has all the blissful vocals you desire. With Cristina Soto – Vocal Atmospheres, you can instantly inject emotion into any song, from the first note to the last, and it will keep you inspired for years to come!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into a world of euphoria with Cristina Soto – Vocal Atmospheres!

** Cristina Soto has requested her name not be included in production credits, track title, or any where in connection to the track you make using this pack.  You may present your own artist name and title the tracks according to your own imagination. For example:

(Your Artist Name) – (Your Track Title)

No mention of Cristina Soto’s name please! 

** All Vocals are Royalty Free

11 reviews for Vocal Atmospheres by Cristina Soto

  1. So impressed since first heard!

    I almost believe that this is the best voice I’ve ever used. Guess a few years we won’t be able to discrete what is real or what is synthesized any more.

    Saran (verified owner)

  2. Vocal Atmospheres

    Beautifully made and sound gives a wonderful piece to anyone looking for that soft sound to add to any composition

    Michael Owen (verified owner)

  3. Heavenly Vocals!

    This contains a wealth of beautiful vocal building blocks – single notes, chords, swells, dry, wet – a huge variety.

    Glen (verified owner)

  4. Vocal Atmospheres by Cristina Soto


    tomoyuki ogawa (verified owner)

  5. Awesome atmospheric textturers

    I also own Vocal Atmospheres by Cory Friesenhan and Vocal Atmospheres by Holly Drummond. They are all great but this one suits my needs best.

    Peter Buth (verified owner)

  6. <3

    Lovely Atmos !

    Marc Wojtkowiak (verified owner)

  7. Awesome Vocals!

    So much better than most of the synth pads I’ve been using. Gives my music a lift!

    Joel Duffield (verified owner)

  8. Great product even if it's not a midi plugin

    Recordings are great and useful for adding an “angelic sound” to the tracks, but remember: it’s not a plugin (so it’s not like a Kontakt plugin or something with its own interface). It’s a collection of waves files, well organized. I was thinking to use my keyboard as I do for other vocal plugins, but in this case, I just put the tracks on my DAW. It’s more or less the same, of course. Cristina has a really beautiful voice to play with in your tracks!

    Marco Callegari (verified owner)

  9. Gorgeous

    beautiful pads and phrases … you will find a way to make this work … sweet nearly operatic … well done …

    jm26092004 (verified owner)

  10. Beautiful Vocals

    Great vocals that fit in many different genres of music.

    John (verified owner)

  11. The vocals are perfect for ambient music

    I am honored to have these beautiful texture vocals in my projects. They are beyond anything that I can produce myself and they are a terrific value too! She has the voice of an angel and I would love to have a whole collection of her work! 100% fire!

    rickyc111 (verified owner)

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