Western Mariachi & Balkan Bundle By Basement Freaks

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1 review

Cinematic Guitars (main demo)

Western Mariachi & Balkan Bundle By Basement Freaks

Pack Contents

Tarantino Bass
  • 229 Sax Loops & one shots
  • 73 Trombone
  • 51 Trumpet
  • 24 Accordion
  • 10 Brass FX
  • 98 Construction Kit loops (8 kits)
  • 99 Guitars
  • 15 Vibraphone
  • 22 Bonus Kontakt patches
  Spaghetti Trumpet
  • 161 One shots - Wet
  • 74  One Shots Dry
  • 28 Loops
Cinematic Guitars
  • 20 Guitars
  • 29 Beats
  • 47 Music loops
  • 7 Bass Loops
  • 7 FX

Tarantino Bass Basement Freaks


We have a massively unique and all inspiring bundle here from The Basement Freaks!

Western Mariachi & Balkan Bundle includes three innovative packs that will give your music a unique expressiveness and flavor! Tarantino Bass takes you right into a dusty cinematic scene that will add a swagger to your dubstep, trap, or EDM tracks. The live recorded instruments are definitely a main feature of this pack, with a huge selection of live recorded sax loops, trumpets, trombones, guitars, accordions and much more. Then the bundle takes it even further with the addition of both Spaghetti Trumpet and Cinematic Guitars. Spaghetti Trumpet is THE pack aiming to provide organic flair to your music with an all-enjoyable production experience for many years down the road. Cinematic Guitars has everything you need for score, soundtrack, and epic-awesome-sauce, that can be injected into multiple genres or soundscapes. Check out the examples below and see for yourself!

Packs included in the bundle:

Tarantino Bass

Spaghetti Trumpet

Cinematic Guitars

1 review for Western Mariachi & Balkan Bundle By Basement Freaks

  1. High quality

    High quality samples to soundtrack a score or make a unique beat.

    Dan Zod (verified owner)

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