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Basement Freaks remix competition winners

The Basement Freaks Remix Competition winners

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work and for entering our first ever remix competition. It has been so amazing to listen through each and every mix several times, and to hear everyone’s take on the remix. So many different styles and production techniques used. We can tell many of you put your heart and soul into these remixes.  It was extremely difficult to narrow down the choices, so many deserved to take a top spot, however only 3 could be named champions.  Hats off to all the producers for a hard fought battle.  A special thanks goes out to Basement Freaks & Adapted Records for facilitating this remix contest, and of course to our prize sponsors Image-Line, & Spitfire Audio.  Now behold – the winners of the competition!

1st Place – Oracle Ball remix

This remix was sent in via e-mail.  Immediately this submission captivated us with its top notch production, structure, and lasting appeal.  All the elements fit together perfectly and really suit the style of the original track well.  We can tell a lot of hard work and thought went into this.

2nd Place – Supersan Remix

Sometimes a remix does not need to be full of technically impressive edits and crazy synth lines.  Sometimes a good remix just needs to be a plain old good song composition that captures a perfect vibe or mood.  Sometimes simple is better.  That is where this remix rose above some of the others, while not as technically impressive as some of the other submissions, everything just feels right with this song and style.  This mix feels like it has some inspirations from Latin reggae vibes, and we can definitely picture ourselves kicking back on a beach in the tropics sipping a delicious beverage to this super chill remix.

3rd Place – David Whalan Remix

This remix chose to go with a very epic bigroom sound.  From the huge cinematic intro this remix pulls you right in.  The structure and production are all top notch and we could easily see this one being played in a massive arena for thousands of people.

BONUS RUNNER UP – Yuli K (Yuli Yolo Remix)

OMG this remix!  This remix was another one that was really hard to not place in the top 3 which is why we had to create a special runner up position.  Really cool style, love the direction this mix was taken.  Breakdowns are especially cool sounding.  Was not expecting the heavy drop to come in and had to come back to listen to this one about 5 times.  The motown style stabs and heavy synth work meshes together perfectly in a funky medley that deserves some serious recognition.

Some other honorable mentions (keep in mind even some great remixes did not make it in this list, however we cannot give individual feedback for everyone.  These are just a few of our notes from the final judging round)


Mariano R (Nanoo Remix)  – Holy crap the growls in this dubstep drop is insane.  The more I listen to the melody the more I like it in this remix, some really awesome parts in it.

Nathan N (Bizarro Remix) – Very cool drum and bass spin on the track.  Bass sounds were crisp, and production is quite good.

Raffi H (Giraffi Remix) – Love the old school funky house vibe in this track.  Bassline has got some groove!

Lazaro G (Lazer O Remix) – a nice spin on it that stays true to the original sound.  Has some nice synthwave style elements in it.

Micheal Scott Remix – Definitely a neat dubstep style with some cool future bass elements – big sounding mix.

Dennis K (Blackout Remix) – I definitely appreciate weird tech vibe in this one.

Van J – (Wake up Remix by BGT) – very nice uplifting mix, classic feel good house piano.  Some great melodies, fills, build ups, and edits in this one.

Alan David Remix – I really loved this one and was hard not to place it in the top 3, such a nice chill sound – mix is great.  Vocals sounded pretty good pitched in the higher range.

Ben P (Hiro F Remix) – cool to hear another dnb entry to contest.  Some cool neurobass elements, and techy percussion made this an interesting listen.

Andreas S (Sherly Andow Remix) – neat minimal dubstep vibe to this one.

Docent Malczak Remix – Another cool reggae style mix, nice deep dub basses.  Tight hat rolls.

Andrew W (Voskhod Remix) – this one had a bit of a weirder dark vibe which we loved.  Funky house drop with the horns bring in some groove.

Ann-Marii T (Dino Shadix Remix) – A well produced complextro style entry.  Some great intricate growl edits brought us back to this one for a few more listens.

Heresie Remix (was listed as anynonmous user) – Big deep basses trap mix, turns housey towards end.

Robert A (Roborob Remix) – Lots of work gone into this high energy electro / funky complextro style track.

Kerim M (K3R1M Remix) – A definite chill vibe to this one.

Harnaam J – Workingham – A big uplifting complextro style, some good open-ness and punch to this mix.

Michael N – Reggae with a touch of glitch hop.  Good dub vibes in this one.

Luiz A (Tony Zeryon Remix) – A fairly original take on it, almost brings a fairytale like vibe to the remix with the combination of chords and sounds.

Hugo L (Epoh Remix) – Future Bassy, nice open production.  Wobble chords are coming through nice in the mix.  Well structured.  Nice use of vocal edits.

David De Sanctis remix – Cool Future Bass remix, snares and fills are all perfect for the Future Bass vibe.  Nice vibrato leads.

Emmanuel P – Crisp dubstep style, big chords.  Snares are coming through nice and crisp.

Marcus J – A very neat take on the remix, banjo bluegrass style spin on the guitars, cool edits.

Roy D (Dream Reaper Remix) – Some cool indie dance vibes, love the style.  Slap bass edits bring some serious funk to this mix.

Bunn F (BRTHZ Remix) – A very original style taken on this mix, really dig the instruments used for the drop.  Very well executed.

Kevin D (LLLGRAND Flip) – Probably one of the more aggressive remixes, really bringing the grimey hybrid trap style with this ones.

Chad S (Duke Skellington Remix) – neat style, has some old school pink panther / James Bond swing vibes to it. not expecting the heavy drop.

Kosta L – Neat fusion of some electro house with some future bass style elements.

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