5 Vocal pack bundle

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16 reviews
16 reviews

Siren by Veela

5 Vocal pack bundle


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Black Octopus presents a high value bundle including 5 of our most popular vocal packs.  Featuring top singers such as Veela, Amy Kirkpatrick, Holly Drummond, Zara Taylor & Cory Friesenhan there is no shortage of talent found in these packs.   Included are vocal phrases, full songs, atmospheres, Vocal FX, & much more.  All sounds are royalty free for use in your commercial music productions.

This bundle contains the following packs:

Zara Taylor In Pieces


Siren by Veela ($49.95)

  • 700+ Vocal Samples
  • 15 Song kits
  • Vocal FX
  • Spoken Word

Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions 1 ($49.95)

  • 12 Full Songs
  • 540 Vocals Total
    • FX loops
    • Tones
    • Swells
    • Vocal FX
    • Adlibs

Amy Kirkpatrick Wild ($29.95)

  • 40 Dry Adlbs
  • 13 Dry Harmonies
  • 41 Dry Phrases
  • 40 Wet Adlibs
  • 13 Wet Harmonies
  • 41 Wet Phrases
  • 15 Vocal Atmospheres
  • Sung Alphabet

Echoes by Holly Drummond ($49.95)

  • 540 vocals
  • Atmospheres
  • Breaths
  • Snippets
  • Spoken
  • Tones
  • Vocal Chops
  • Vocal Swells
  • Songs
  • Lyric Sheet

Zara Taylor In Pieces ($49.95)

  • 12 Full Songs
  • Each song provided in dry* & wet
  • Each song broken down into phrases for quick re-edits and sampling
  • 40 Chill FX
  • 50 Vocal Atmospheres
  • 50 Glitch FX
  • 50 Tonal FX
  • 41 Transition Swells
  • 28 Ad libs
  • 21 Delay Vocal FX
  • Lyric Sheet

Please do not use the vocalists names without permission.  In most cases name your track (Your Track Name – Your Track Title)

16 reviews for 5 Vocal pack bundle

  1. 5 Vocal pack bundle-review

    awesome deal via vstbuzz! was only 9 euros for the pack and its worth every penny!.recommended:)

    tony.xterminator (verified owner)

  2. You always need some vocals.

    Whatever music production or style you are working on, you always need various genres of vocals. This bundle is a no brainer to add to your production arsenal.

    francois (verified owner)

  3. I quiver

    epiphanies on tap, inspiration aplenty. good sounds.

    c t (verified owner)

  4. Fine!

    With a discount for almost nothing.

    aa1668 (verified owner)

  5. Must have for your toolbox

    Inspiration in a can

    Tyler Billiot (verified owner)

  6. Voices of excellent women

    Both are a treasure trove of singing voices of sophisticated female singers, and are a collection that is extremely useful for music production. There is no fault.

    alphageeks2002 (verified owner)

  7. Nice Collection!

    This is an excellent bundle of vocal samples, and an excellent way to add some extra character to your tracks.

    Glen (verified owner)

  8. Really Good Vocal Samples

    The Vocals from this pack are really good and useful.

    Abhijeet R. (verified owner)

  9. Great vocal bundle

    Very good, usable vocal bundle. Plenty of material to spice up your tracks!

    Jozsef Ottucsak (verified owner)

  10. Decent collection vocals

    Should be something for everyone here with something to fit most genres

    David S (verified owner)


    5 Star Productions, A Must For: Sound Designers, Chill, Soundtracks, Nu Age Producers! Happy Studio Time Peace

    Mark (verified owner)


    NO BRAINER!…great voices

    drumatix (verified owner)

  13. Excellent!

    The quality and variety of samples has really taken me down some interesting musical directions

    Tony (verified owner)

  14. Great deal!

    Love the vocals,great for making some bangers

    Liu JIada (verified owner)

  15. No brainer Vocal Bundle

    Amazing bundle to level up your tracks with versatile set of vocals.

    Sakkari (verified owner)

  16. Big and versatile bundle

    Tons of fun vocal material for you to play with for a good discount.

    ondrej.kral (verified owner)

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