Ambient Selection by AK & Tim Schaufert

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3 reviews

3 reviews

Ambient Selection - Demo Track

Ambient Selection by AK & Tim Schaufert


Pack Contents

  • 2,213 Total Samples
  • 251 Acoustic Snares
  • 172 Acoustic Hats
  • 426 Coin One Shots
  • 202 Foley One Shots
  • 193 Door Foley One Shots
  • 144 Kitchen Foley One shots
  • 135 Odd Drums
    • 72 Pitched And Distorted
    • 63 Regular
  • 89 Acoustic Cymbals
  • 77 Glass Hits
  • 70 Bowed Cymbals
  • 70 Acoustic Rides
  • 45 Processed Hats
  • 43 Snaps
  • 38 Shakers
  • 34 Rim Shots
  • 56 FX (Glitches/Impacts/Risers/Alien)
  • 21 Kicks
  • 20 Bass Guitar One Shots
  • 20 Guitar Atmospheres
  • 20 Drones
  • 18 Serum Presets
  • 16 Pads
  • 16 Drum Loops
  • 15 Atmospheres
  • 12 Reese Basses
  • 10 Sampler Pads


Producers AK and Tim Schaufert have created a chill out and ambient magical wonderland. The incredibly robust sample pack Ambient Selection offers a vast cosmos of sonic wonder; this pack makes it an absolute dream to produce professional downtempo. Join on us on a journey through the innovative drums and lush soundscapes that await.

Just listen to the demo. It illustrates the beautifully woven together tapestry of sound that is made possible with this library. Vast and profound, crisp yet warm, essential basics and expert innovation. Upon opening the pack, the first reaction maybe shock. Surprising at the immense variety and creativity that is possible. Creative foley such as coins, glitches, doors creaking, and kitchen sounds; all which can help add character to any groove, drum sound, or full track. The plethora of live recorded drum hits will give your downtempo jams an organic feel. Bass guitars, atmospheres, drones, pads, and sound fx add an extraordinary compliment to the basses and Serum presets. This pack is utterly loaded with incredible content.

For producers who want to produce music for chill out Spotify playlists, yoga studios, as well as ambient chill out spaces at music festivals. Enjoy the whole Universe of possibility with Ambient Selection.

3 reviews for Ambient Selection by AK & Tim Schaufert

  1. good

    sounds of life

    jsj90909 (verified owner)

  2. Very Good *****

    Very Good for Sound Design & Other Genres

    Lloyd (verified owner)

  3. A one-stop shop for modern ambient sounds

    Fantastic variety and superb sounds for modern ambient music.

    matthew29510 (verified owner)

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