Ambient Atmospheres & Textures By AK

Ambient Atmospheres & Textures - Demo

Ambient Atmospheres & Textures By AK

Pack Contents

  • 24 Bird Sounds
  • 8 Foot/Walking Sounds
  • 9 Forest Sounds
  • 6 People Sounds
  • 4 Airplane Sounds
  • 15 Rain Sounds
  • 4 Religious Sounds
  • 4 Road Sounds
  • 3 Water Sounds
  • 7 Wind Sounds
  • 21 "Other" Sounds


Producer AK presents “Ambient Atmospheres and Textures”, a sample pack filled with sound effects that are perfect to add depth and worldly environments to your song, sound design or production.Whether you need feet walking, people talking, or religious elements, this packet has you covered. Textures that will help any sound design or production ‘come alive’ in the most realistic atmospheric way possible.

Please note the audio demo contains a long drone pad which is not included in the pack.


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