Clicks & Glitches Vol 1 – By Sounds of Revolution

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Clicks & Glitches Vol 1 - Demo Track

Clicks & Glitches Vol 1 - By Sounds of Revolution

Pack Contents

  • 553 MB total Content
  • 107 MB WAV Content
  • 100 Loops


A quite well-known situation: the basic elements of a production are all ready, but it still sounds too empty and conventional. The infamous little extras are missing, unobtrusive but not ordinary sounds that provide that certain dirt in a production and not rarely add a very own charm and groove. You now have the option to try to build them painstakingly from scratch on your own or to make use of Clicks & Glitches.

The loops of this library are not only considered to be used 1:1, but they still leave enough room to encourage your own creativity and eagerness to experiment. So they do not only find perfect use as noise clicks in Minimal Techno productions, but also subserve nicely as top loops in many other genres. All loops are commonly produced on 127 bpm and are available in all popular sampler formats.

The sound designer behind this sample pack is Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution, well-known for his extensively used Revolution sound set / sample pack series.

Clicks & Glitches is the first edition of a new, attractively priced and versatile useable SOR micro series.

Please note: Some sounds used in Demo 2+3 are taken from other free SOR sample collections also included in the sample pack.


553 MB total Content

  • 107 MB WAV Content
  • 100 Loops


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