Deep Chill Step

Label: Black Octopus Sound Genre: Downtempo & Chill, Future Bass Share This: 
2 reviews

2 reviews

Deep Chill Step (Main Demo)

Deep Chill Step


Pack Contents

  • 508 Total Samples
  • 246 Drums
    • 120 Full Drum loops
    • 33 Snares & Claps
    • 29 Percussion
    • 21 Kicks
    • 18 Hihats
    • 12 Fills
    • 8 Toms
    • 5 Crashes
  • 87 Synth loops
    • 7 Leads
    • 37 Pads
    • 27 Arps
    • 16 Chords
  • 48 FX
  • 42 Bass loops
  • 32 Bass one shots
  • 25 Synth one shots
  • 22 FX Foley
  • 6 Serum presets


Dreamy, and mellow vibes with emotive and catchy samples, “Deep Chill Step” combines the best of future bass and chillout music for top tier sounds that will give you chills! Inside is 500+ inspiration inducing samples (coming in at 1+GB), including sub shaking Basses, enormous Drums, a variety of Music loops, futuristic foley & FX, plus some bonus Serum presets!

Deep Bass sounds fill out this pack with low frequency samples and sub basses for prominent, and resonant samples that have a strong presence in the mix, providing the depth to enhance the overall energy and power of your tracks! Used in combination with the Synth one shots and atmospheric foley inside to create a cohesive sound across your bass production.

Punchy, energetic and rhythmic Drums are the essential element of this pack, creating tantalizing sounds plus over 100 drum loops that are ready to add a sense of movement, depth and spirit to your tracks! The powerful kicks (perfect for layering with sub-bass frequencies to fill out the low end) crisp snares & claps, tight hi-hats & toms, rhythmic percussion & fills all provide a dynamic and varied rhythm to your production and a driving force to your beats.

All samples in this pack are royalty-free while also professionally recorded, mixed and mastered, to help you achieve a professional sound in your music and bring your tracks to the next level. Sound designer & Producer Aruku hails from the Chicago area, with a background of drum and bass, downtempo sounds. He has always leaned towards ambient and melodic sounds. “I hope this pack proves to be useful to whoever it finds!”

With an overall ethereal and hypnotic beat with catchy drops, these samples are perfect for video, games, and clubs or anyone who wants to keep the vibe going. So get the icing to top your beats today with ‘Deep Chill Step”!

2 reviews for Deep Chill Step

  1. Underwhelming

    This pack has some unique sounds but it used to be called “Frozen Future Bass” and it really did not live up to that name. The fact that it has now changed makes sense, but it seems like this pack doesn’t really know what it wants to be.

    Chris Cosmato (verified owner)

  2. WOW.

    I listened to like 3 samples alone and was amazed. Awesome purchase <3

    Ryan Derasp (verified owner)

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