Earthscapes by Amani Friend

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6 reviews
6 reviews

Black Octopus Sound - Earthscapes by Amani Friend (Main Demo)

Earthscapes by Amani Friend


Pack Contents

  • Over 3GB of Content
  • 355 Total Samples
  • 105 Field Recordings
    • Rain
    • Wind
    • Thunder
    • Caves
    • Jungle Birds
    • Jungle Insects
    • Atmosphere around Pyramids
    • Rivers
  • 180 Foley Hits
    • Gongs
    • Temple Metals
    • Cave Stalactite
    • Big Reverbs
    • Forest Foot Steps
  • 70 Processed Recordings
    • FX Grooves
    • Psy FX


Add incredible feeling to your music, game, or films with this collection of field recordings from sacred sites and geographical locations around the world. Transport your audience with sounds captured around ancient pyramids, the jungle of Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. This versatile collection of field recordings, drums, animal sounds, foley, and FX loops was captured, mixed, and mastered by Amani of Desert Dwellers. This pack contains over 3GB of content.

Amani has travelled the world performing at iconic events and music festivals, taking expertly captured recordings along the way. From the eclipse festival 2012 in Australia, the Mayan Heart festival at the Tikal pyramid in Guatemala, to the jungles of Costa Rica and forests of North America, this sound library includes a wide variety of landscapes and ambiences. These lush recordings can easily find a home in downtempo, chill out, yoga music, game sound design, travel videos, documentaries, or feature films.

Build atmosphere with rain, wind, thunder, jungle birds, jungle insects, monkeys, owls, wolves, kookaburra, frogs, foley, rain, water drops, rivers, cave water splashes, and ocean waves. The hits folder can help you build beats, scores, or music for your next album. This amazing folder includes big drums, gong hits/swells, jaws harp samples, shakers, and temple metal strikes.  The Processed FX folder takes all of these sounds to whole other level adding brilliant groove, ear catching texture and character, as well as spatial effects that transform the sonic quality. The result is a noticeably pleasing, attention commanding affect that cognitively engages the listener.

Earthscapes by Amani Friend can bring the sonic magnificence of the Earth directly into your next audio mix.

6 reviews for Earthscapes by Amani Friend

  1. LOVE!

    So excited to begin working with these sacred sounds!

    Carla Samson (verified owner)

  2. Earthscapes by Amani Friend


    Kapil Bambardekar (verified owner)

  3. good

    feeling in real jungle

    jsj90909 (verified owner)

  4. fire

    sounds are dope

    paul72586 (verified owner)

  5. A surprise, but a welcome one!

    If you’re looking to emphasize your project’s ambiance or environment, this is the pack for you! Each file is amazingly suitable to give your videos and other musical pieces that sinister and chilling sensation of suspense while others provoke nostalgia and enchantment. Surely a must have if you’re looking to really enhance your existing kit.

    Georaffe (verified owner)

  6. Excellent

    Alot of great sounds and effects within this package

    jimjewellz (verified owner)

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