Foley Serum Presets by Imaginate

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1 review

Foley Serum Presets by Imaginate (Main Demo)

Foley Serum Presets by Imaginate


Pack Contents

  • 379 Total Contents
  • 908 MB of Content
  • 242 Serum Presets
    • 60 Basses
    • 41 Pads
    • 40 Plucks
    • 39 Synths
    • 30 Leads
    • 27 Transitions
    • 5 Atmospheres
  • 137 Serum Wavetables


Imagine the fusion of raw power, rhythmic complexity, and serene sounds seamlessly interwoven into a single, unparalleled audio experience. Now see your vision come to life with the Serum presets & wavetables inside Imaginate’s, ‘Foley Series Serum Presets pack’! Uniquely crafted from original foley sounds and inspired by three exceptional packs in Imaginate’s Foley series. This collection provides the essential tools to craft hard-hitting dubstep anthems, fast-paced drum and bass bangers, or ambient chill-step vibes.

Dive into Foley Dubstep, where heavy, earth-shattering basses and alien-like, electrifying synths collide, creating a sonic landscape that’s as immersive as it is powerful. Feel the pulse of Foley Drum and Bass as thunderous leads and intricate transitions intertwine with deep foley pads, delivering Serum Presets with a relentless energy that will ignite your productions with raw energy. Chill out and unwind with Foley Chillstep, where ethereal plucks and lush atmospheres blend seamlessly with foley for mesmerizing Serum presets that evoke a sense of tranquility.

Get instant access to professionally crafted sounds through presets made with meticulous attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for lush pads, gritty baselines, or sparkling leads, exploring presets can spark new ideas and ignite your creativity. Foley Series Serum Presets pack is a treasure trove of Serum presets and wave-tables, designed to spark new ideas, ignite your creativity and unleash your potential in the studio.

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