Ghostatic – No Turning Back – (The Sample Pack)

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Ghostatic - No Turning Back (Main Demo)

Ghostatic - No Turning Back - (The Sample Pack)


Pack Contents

  • Almost 1GB Total Contents
  • 317 Total Sounds
  • 4 Song kits
    • 131 Vocal Loops
    • 36 Synth Loops
      • 22 Synth Lead Loops
      • 11 Synth Arp Loops
      • 3 Synth Loops
    • 34 Drum Loops
      • 25 Full Drum Loops
      • 5 Hihat Loops
      • 2 Snare Build Loops
      • 2 Top Loops
    • 26 FX
      • 10 Sweep One Shots
      • 7 FX One Shots
      • 4 Impact One Shots
      • 2 Riser One Shots
      • 2 Atmosphere One Shots
      • 1 Glitch One Shot
    • 24 Guitar Loops
    • 21 Drum One Shots
      • 8 Snare One Shots
      • 4 Kick One Shots
      • 3 Tom One Shots
      • 3 Hihat One Shots
      • 2 Crash Cymbal One Shots
      • 2 Ride Cymbal One Shots
    • 14 Bass Guitar Loops
    • 9 Vocal One Shots
    • 6 Foley One Shots
    • 4 Synth Lead One Shots
    • 4 Piano Loops
    • 3 String Loops
    • 2 Guitar One Shots


Made from the songs on Ghostatic’s new EP ‘No Turning Back’ – Ghostatics 2nd vocal pack, harnesses your worst fears using raw energy and soulful expression to create everything from powerful heart-pounding rock ballads to adrenaline-fueled anthems, “No Turning Back” contains four full song kits and nearly 1GB of content, including essential vocals plus guitars, synths, and percussive elements to bring your vision to life.

Contained within this powerhouse pack are 4 full song kits focused on the 100+ vocal samples to portray multiple stories. Ranging from soaring melodies to gritty shouts, each kit is meticulously crafted to inspire your next rock anthem. Whether you’re aiming for the raw aggression of grunge, the anthemic energy of arena rock, or the brooding intensity of alternative rock. These kits portray a raw and visceral exploration of love, pain, betrayal, and the tumultuous journey of self-discovery and liberation.

But that’s not all – “No Turning Back” is packed to the brim with additional content to take your compositions to the next level. Dive into a treasure trove of FX, perfect for adding atmospheric depth and cinematic flair to your tracks. Let your guitar riffs soar with expertly recorded guitar loops, spanning from crunchy power chords to soaring solos. Enhance your rhythmic backbone with percussion loops and one shots, designed to drive your tracks forward with relentless momentum. Sculpt your sonic landscape with precision and flair with a wide range of Synth textures and tones.

Crafted by Ghostatic, a name synonymous with cutting-edge rock production, “No Turning Back” is more than just a sample pack – it’s a creative powerhouse that will empower you to break new ground and redefine what’s possible in the world of rock music. So don’t hesitate – embrace the power of “No Turning Back,” and let the music speak for itself.


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