Imaginate – Foley Drum and Bass

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1 review

Imaginate - Foley Drum & Bass (Main Demo)

Imaginate - Foley Drum and Bass


Pack Contents

  • 1.4GB+ of Content
  • 886 Total Samples
  • 171 Drum One Shots
    • 17 Claps
    • 24 Cymbals
    • 40 Hihats
    • 20 Kicks
    • 50 Percussion
    • 20 Snares
  • 125 Drum Loops
    • 16 Cymbals
    • 45 Full
    • 20 Hats
    • 20 Kick & Snare
    • 24 Percussion
  • 125 Synth One Shots
    •  33 Plucks
    • 32 Synths
    •  30 Leads
    • 30 Pads
  • 107 Foley One Shots
  • 94 Bass One Shots
  • 78 FX One Shots
    • 38 Glitch FX
    • 20 Short FX
    • 10 Risers
    • 10 Fallers
  • 60 Synth Loops
    • 16 Synths
    • 15 Pads
    • 15 Plucks
    • 14 Leads
  • 48 Bass Loops
  • 40 FX Loops
    • 20 Glitches
    • 20 Short FX
  • 38 Atmosphere One Shots


Dive into a world where rhythm and nature converge in perfect harmony, where the beat of life meets the pulse of music. Experience a sample pack like no other, meticulously crafted by Imaginate. “Foley Drum and Bass” is your passport to an auditory adventure, where the organic meets the electronic, and the result is pure magic.

Crafted to perfection, these drum one-shots and loops are the heartbeat of this collection. Feel the rhythm pulse through your veins with meticulously designed drum loops, each capturing the essence of organic percussive elements. The one-shots provide you with a rhythmic backbone that’s both infectious and versatile, allowing you to build grooves that will keep your listeners moving.

Bass is the foundation of any great drum and bass track, and our bass one-shots and loops are designed to hit hard and leave a lasting impression. Get ready to rumble with deep, resonant bass sounds.

Immerse yourself in a world of ethereal synth melodies and vibrant one shots that will add depth and emotion to your tracks. Whether you’re crafting serene ambient atmospheres or crafting hard-hitting basslines, elevate your compositions with these cutting-edge synths.

Add a touch of realism and authenticity to your productions, creating a captivating listening experience that transports your audience to the heart of the action with Foley one-shots

Elevate your sound design game with a vast array of FX, with, glitches, risers, fallers, and atmospheres that will captivate your listeners and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of raw, organic textures and pulsating basslines, and elevate your productions with the sounds of nature and technology in perfect synergy. Grab Foley Drum and Bass by Imaginate now

1 review for Imaginate – Foley Drum and Bass

  1. Every Imaginate Product Is A Must

    Very good

    philpasta23 (verified owner)

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