Neon Bass by Futuretone

Label: Black Octopus Sound, Futuretone Genre: Bass House, EDM Share This: 

Neon Bass by Futuretone (Main Demo)

Neon Bass by Futuretone


Pack Contents

  • Over 650MB Total Content
  • 627 Total Audio Files
  • 122 Drum One Shots
    • 39 Kicks
    • 20 Claps
    • 19 Snares
    • 19 Closed hihats
    • 20 Open hihats
    • 5 Crash
  • 119 Bass Loops
  • 93 Bass One Shots
  • 88 Serum Presets
  • 66 Chord Loops
  • 60 Drum Loops
    • 20 Drum Loops
    • 20 Kick Snare Loops
    • 20 Top Loops
  • 54 Melody Loops
  • 37 FX One Shots
    • 15 Fallers
    • 16 Sweeps
    • 6 Impacts
  • 35 Vocal One Shots
    • 10 Chant One Shots
    • 25 Phrase One Shots
  • 20 Texture Loops
  • 11 Synth One Shots
  • 10 Percussion One Shots
    • 1 Bongos
    • 5 Cowbells
    • 4 Woodblocks


Are you ready to light up the dance floor with some electrifying sounds? ‘Neon Bass’, by Futuretone contains over 600 high-quality samples! Everything you need to infuse your music with radiant energy and futuristic vibes including punchy drums, pulsating basses, catchy melodies, customizable Serum presets, stunning vocal hooks, and more.

Drums: The drum one shots and loops are designed to give your tracks a powerful and energetic feel, with crisp and punchy sounds. Each one shot is a precisely sculpted spark, and every loop is a rhythmic dance of meticulously balanced frequencies. This kaleidoscope of 808’s Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hihats, Claps, and Percussion one-shots, plus Kick Snare, Tops, and full Drum loops are ready for drag and drop action.

Basses: The bass one shots and loops will give your tracks a rich and deep feel, with warm and fat sounds that provide a robust foundation for your tracks. Ranging from earth-shattering bass hits to full fledged growls, each one-shot is filled with energy, while the loops offer infectious grooves and intense sequences that glow in any mix.

Melodic loops & Serum presets: These ethereal samples will add a touch of neon magic to your compositions, creating an otherworldly atmosphere, through Vocals, Synths, and Textural, Melodic and Chord loops. While the Serum presets let you tweak, modulate, and shape your sound effortlessly, from deep and resonant to bright and shimmering tones.

Neon Bass is compatible with every popular DAW and more, and the latest version of Xfer Serum. You can use the presets to tweak the sounds to your liking, or mix and match the samples to create your own unique tracks in genres such as future bass, synthwave, electro house, trap and more. So Illuminate your sound and make a bold statement with ‘Neon Bass’ by Futuretone.


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