Slap House Delight by Futuretone

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Slap House Delight by Futuretone (Main Demo)

Slap House Delight by Futuretone


Pack Contents

  • 600MB Total Size
  • 500 Total Samples
  • 183 Drum One Shots
    • 49 Kicks
    • 37 Claps
    • 20 Snares
    • 20 Closed Hats
    • 20 Open Hats
    • 15 Ride Cymbals
    • 22 Percussion One Shots
  • 90 FX One Shots
    • 20 Fallers
    • 30 Risers
    • 14 Impacts
    • 10 Reverses
    • 8 Atmospheres
    • 8 Textures
  • 60 Drum Loops
    • 20 Full Loops
    • 20 Kick Snare Loops
    • 20 Top Loops
  • 30 Bass Loops
  • 27 Synth One Shots
  • 25 Bass One Shots
  • 25 Lead Loops
  • 20 Arp Loops
  • 20 Chord Loops
  • 20 Drum Fills


Dive into a fusion of magnetic beats and mesmerizing melodies, ‘Slap House Delight’ by Futuretone is crafted exclusively for those seeking the pulse of the freshest Slap House tracks. Step into the electrifying world of Slap House with 500+mb and 500 samples of heart-pounding Drum loops & one-shots, rumbling bass loops & one-shots, and epic Arp, Lead & Chord loops.

Drums: Let the rhythm take control with a diverse arsenal of Drum One Shots that’ll have you crafting the perfect foundation for your Slap House anthems. With a curated array of trap kicks, snappy snares, vibrant claps, ear-pleasing hats and more. Add that distinct Slap House flair with catchy and dynamic full drum loops, top loops, fills and more expertly crafted loops that will keep the energy high and the dancefloor moving!

Bass: Infuse your compositions with dynamic beats and infectious grooves using our diverse selection of earth-shaking loops to punchy one shots, Designed to be the backbone of your tracks, these bass elements deliver the fundamental energy required for any Slap House anthem.

FX and Synths: Inject the perfect dose of excitement with our FX & Synth One Shots. These samples provide the essential elements for transitions, build-ups, and those mesmerizing synth hooks that’ll have your listeners craving more.

Melodic loops: Unleash the melodic potential of your tracks with these stunning Arp, Lead, and Chord Loops. Whether you seek captivating melodies, driving leads, or lush harmonic progressions, these loops provide the key to melodic bliss.

Each sound in ‘Slap House Delight’ has been carefully curated and professionally mixed to ensure compatibility across various DAWs, providing seamless integration into your creative process. Each sample is key and tempo-labelled when needed, is in 24-bit quality, and is meticulously quality checked and as always, the samples are royalty-free, allowing you to use them in your productions without any worries.

Start creating music that moves bodies and takes your listeners on a journey through the vibrant world of Slap House while letting your creative instincts run wild. Make your mark in the world of Slap House with Futuretone’s “Slap House Delight”


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