The Karen – Angry Vocal Samples

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10 reviews
10 reviews

The Karen Demo

The Karen - Angry Vocal Samples


Pack Contents

  • 99 Vocal Complaints
  • Several Unrealistic Requests
  • A Lot of Entitlement
  • A Few Expired Coupons


Introducing the ultimate tool for adding spice to your tracks – “The Karen,” a boutique Karen Freakout Sample Library”! This collection is guaranteed to make your listeners wonder if they’ve stumbled into a Karen convention.

With over 100 unique samples to choose from, you’ll have everything you need to create tracks that are both hilarious and infectious. From the classic “Can I speak to your manager?!” to the infamous “I’m calling the police!”, each sample is expertly crafted to capture the essence of a Karen freakout.

And the best part? You will definitely have to worry about legal issues, because if any of these Karen’s hear you’ve used these non-royalty free samples in your music, you are in for threats of lawsuits, DMC take down notices, and being cancelled.

Whether you’re a producer looking to add some humor to your music, or just someone who loves to prank their friends, the Karen Freakout Sample Library is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Get in the studio and unleash the Karen within!

10 reviews for The Karen – Angry Vocal Samples

  1. Very Fun

    Very Fun i will have a lot a fun with this

    Gabriel Mast (verified owner)

  2. Very Interesting

    Happy April Fool!

    Erica (verified owner)

  3. Very Interesting


    Erica (verified owner)

  4. very useful

    There are many high-quality vocal samples that can be found useful. It never hurts to own it. It helps.

    alphageeks2002 (verified owner)

  5. I cant Download it. It say i have it but i dont have it

    I cant Download it. It say i have it even i dont have it

    Mike Senft (verified owner)

  6. LOL

    Get this pack and resample the Karen shouts, you can make insteresting things XD

    Ian Andree (verified owner)

  7. NICE


    drumatix (verified owner)

  8. Nice


    Abhijeet R. (verified owner)

  9. 2023 April Fools jokes were all great products

    Between this and Drumforge’s Joel pack, it’s KillWhitneyDead all over again.

    Swampman (verified owner)

  10. Just Downright Fun

    This sample pack is hilarious to just listen to on its own. My personal favorite is the Karen shouting “Talking to this guy’s an…idiot!” Just go ahead and get this, you won’t regret it at all.

    Nancy Gaytan (verified owner)

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