Vocal Kitchen – KC Jones – WokItTalkIt

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Vocal Kitchen - KC Jones - WokItTalkIt (Main Demo)

Vocal Kitchen - KC Jones - WokItTalkIt


Pack Contents

  • 320 Total Sounds
  • 70 Wet Vocal One Shots
  • 65 Dry Vocal One Shots
  • 48 Wet Vocal Phrases
  • 46 Dry Vocal Phrases
  • 34 Effected Vocal One Shots
  • 31 Effected Phrases
  • 10 Wet Vocal Adlibs
  • 7 Dry Vocal Adlibs
  • 3 Dry Vocal Loops
  • 2 Dry Vocal Hooks
  • 2 Wet Vocal Hooks
  • 1 Effected Vocal Adlib
  • 1 Effected Vocal Loop


Vocal Kitchens “Wok It Talk It” vocal pack by KC Jones, brings the energy to get the audience jumping and instantly elevate the atmosphere, with over 300 MASSIVE hype-man style, classic vocal samples that utilize cutting-edge production methods.

This vocal arsenal is bursting with excitement and energy, ready to stir up some fire with its high-energy one-shots, infectiously catchy phrases and powerful adlibs. All vocals come in both dry and wet so you can add your own desired effects or go straight out of the pack! Either way “Wok It Talk It” by KC Jones is ready to add some serious sizzle on top of your tracks!”

Alvaro and Watermat’s hypeman, KC Jones, has been known for whipping many a crowd into a frenzy, and these samples are no different! The Dutch native started young as a vocalist, singer and songwriter, who transformed into a true MC, utilizing his vocal and crowd reading skills. He has since mastered ceremonies for household names and has performed at Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas / New York, Beyond Wonderland and more around the world!

Get ready for a mix of timeless adlibs like ‘Hey’, and ‘Oh’, alongside versatile phrases, such as ‘Break It Down’, ‘Party Till The Break Of Dawn’, ‘Get Ready For This’, and more. Across BPMs of 90 to 128 and keys including C minor, G major, G minor, G# minor, F# minor and A minor.

So start serving up some sizzing tunes with the help of KC Jones in “Wok It Talk It” by Vocal Kitchen.

* Please note this a vocal sample pack only, the music elements heard in the demo are not included in the pack.

* KC Jones requests that you not use their name in the branding of your music, track credits, title, or artist names.


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