Wild West Stories

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1 review

1 review

Wild West Stories (Main Demo)

Wild West Stories


Pack Contents

  • 1,5GB Total Size
  • 157 Total Sounds
  • 20 Construction Kits:
    • 87 MIDI Files
    • 170 Total Samples:
      • 60 Guitar Loops
      • 20 Full Mix Loops
      • 20 Bass Loops
      • 9 Violin Loops
      • 9 Trumpet Loops
      • 9 Drum Loops
      • 5 Flute Loops
      • 5 Cello Loops
      • 5 Banjo Loops
      • 4 Harmonica Loops
      • 3 Percussion Loops
      • 3 Ocarina Loops
      • 2 Piano Loops
      • 2 Shaker Loops
      • 2 Pad Loops
      • 2 Horn Loops
      • 2 FX Loops
      • 2 Bell Loops
      • 1 Orchestra Loop
      • 1 Sax Loop
      • 1 Cornet Loop
      • 1 Mandolin Loop
      • 1 Chimes Loop
      • 1 Trombone Loop


Saddle up, partner! Get ready to embark on a sonic journey through the untamed landscapes of the Wild West with our meticulously crafted audio sample pack designed to transport you straight into the heart of classic Wild West.

Dive deep into the Wild West atmosphere with 20 construction kits that encapsulate the essence of the frontier. Each kit is a unique story waiting to be told, featuring handpicked sounds that capture the spirit of the West.

From the haunting twang of the slide guitar to the thunderous rhythm of hooves, this pack boasts a treasure trove of authentic instruments. Banjos, harmonicas, fiddles, and more are all at your fingertips ready to breathe life into your compositions. Whether you’re scoring a film or creating a game, these audio backdrops will set the stage for your Wild West adventures.

This pack ain’t just for anyone, it’s for those looking to recreate the magic of Tarantino’s spaghetti westerns, the epic showdowns of Sergio Leone, and the stoic badassery of Clint Eastwood himself.

All samples in this pack are professionally recorded and edited at the highest quality to ensure a seamless and immersive production experience.

Just like a lone gunslinger, these samples are completely royalty-free and ready for instant drag and drop action into any DAW.

1 review for Wild West Stories

  1. Wild West Stories is a must for any producers making scores,.

    Fantastic sample pack that is a must for any producers making scores for film in the Western Style, as well as can be used to add intersting elements to any style of electronic music. Goes great with the Spaghetti Western Psychedelia pack and the Psychedelic Soul pack as well. A+

    arkivizt (verified owner)

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