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Venemy (Glenn Meul) a master producer of all genres has been releasing sample packs with Production Master & Black Octopus Sound for several years.  With crisp hard hitting drums, well crafted synth lines, and in your face chord stabs, and hooks Venemy is truly a producer who understands the proper balance of sounds that creates a great mix.  His production skills have earned him releases on labels such as Philosophy, Simplify, Nighty9lives, and Nocopyrightsounds and millions of streams on youtube.  We caught up with Venemy to share a few of his production tricks and favorite tools in the studio.


5 Production tips with Venemy

  1. Non-musically trained people can only listen to 3 elements at the same time.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to your own genre… Try to get use elements from other genres in your song.
  3. Focus on sound design i can’t stress this enough,… It’s cool to use a preset but you need to be able to change or at least know what all the functions do.
  4. Try using ‘tape compression’ instead of your normal compressor on drums this will help and tame the sounds before it goes into the limiter
  5. Make a custom sample folder and try to save your favorite drums/basses & other samples into a folder where you have instant access too.

The Lightning Round…

Favorite VST Instrument at the moment? I still use Native Instruments Massive for most of my sounds

Favorite VST effect at the moment? The one knob Driver (Waves) is a must for me.

DAW of choice? Ableton Live 9 suite

Do you use any hardware? Got my hands on a NI Maschine MK2 and i LOVE IT! besides that i have a simple setup with Adam A77X speakers and RME Fireface interface

Producer you are digging at the moment? Shaun Frank has been my go to guy, i love how versatile this guy is.

How long have you been producing for? I’ve been producing for 7 years now

Biggest mistake beginners make? Don’t put TOO much in your tracks if something doesn’t stand out in the mix after trying for hours just remove it, and make everything else sound good.

Is there is anything else you want to share? Read the manual for the gear/synths you buy so you can fully use them to their potential