Compression Wizardry: Making Music Come Alive

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Important Notice:
This class was recorded live. This purchase gets you the complete recording of the entire 5 class course, approximately 10 hours of of compression instruction, plus all course materials/templates/samples.  

Join two world class producers, engineers, and sound designers on one of the most tricky components of music production, compression. We have an absolutely brilliant, life changing class that is guaranteed to improve your music immediately. These expert producers are also master teachers who have brilliant teaching models to help make compression make perfect sense.

Bring your compression skills up to a 9 or 10 as we dive into:

  • When and why to use compression (and when not to)
  • Working each knob/parameter with deliberate skill
  • Using compression not only as a mixing tool, but as a ridiculously wicked musical instrument that will breathe life into your music
  • Different types of compressors and how to know exactly what type of compressor to use in a variety of situations
  • Adding punch, phatness, and dynamics to your everything
  • Creative and innovative ideas on how to use compression for extra musicality
  • Compressing drums, bass, vocals, busses/groups, and entire mixes
  • Upwards vs downwards compression, Ableton’s OTT, and Mid/Side compression

    This webinar series is being taught live so you also get:
  • welcomed into our micro community that we’re creating
  • networking/connections
  • insights from other people asking important questions
  • relationship building with two successful music producersAs a bonus you also get:
  • Presets and templates (and education on how to use them) designed by Ahee himself
  • All of the course handouts demonstrated in the class for your ongoing reference
  • Access to the video recordings of the classes for all time

At the price of $42 this class is a no-brainer. We know we have a highly transformational class lined up, it will change your music production life immediately.

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Important Info

***Starts February 1-15, 2018 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – 6pm-8pm Pacific Time; 9pm-11pm Eastern

***This class is taught live with the software Zoom. Please get it at for free at

***Rate yourself on your compression skills. If you are anywhere from 0 to 9 out 10, you will benefit from this class. This class is made for beginner to advanced skill levels.

***Please have a solid internet connection, bonus if you have a webcam (although not necessary)

***This class is sequential. If you miss a class (which is fine) we highly encourage you to watch the previous class before participating in the next call. This will help you get the most out of the class

***This class will be taught in Ableton, but the information provided is Universal to all DAW’s


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