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3 reviews
3 reviews

Omniscape Bass - Demo



Pack Contents

Full Bundle ($74.95)
  • 9+Hours of audio
  • 1120 samples
  • All 6 Omniscape packs
Unpitched ($14.95)
  • 1.1 Hours of audio
  • 128 samples
  • A compilation of atmospheric, epic, largely-pitchless sounds
Spooky ($14.95)
  • 1 hour of audio
  • 128 samples
  • Unnerving, inciting, often-scary audio, aimed at the evocation of tension and suspense.
Bass ($24.95)
  • 2.2 hours of audio
  • 240 samples
  • Calming, rejuvenating frequencies, with a massive presence.
Shimmering ($24.95)
  • 1.8 hours of audio
  • 240 samples
  • Airy, thought-provoking audio, with revelatory ambience.
Future ($19.95)
  • 1.5 hours of audio
  • 192 samples
  • A collection of inconceivable sonic treasures from an aeon yet to be.
Madness ($19.95)
  • 1.5 hours of audio
  • 192 samples
  • Reverberations from the heart of delirium, pressuring on the boundaries of the sane.


Omniscape Full Bundle


Diamaudix Audio (OB-6 Bass Soundscapes, OB-6 Analog Sweeps) returns with “Omniscape”: a monumental achievement in soundscapes and ambient audio, with 800-hours of sound-engineering devoted to its enduring, and evolving, sonic textures.

Omniscape began as procedurally-generated commands (programmed in Max MSP) conducting the analog components of the OB-6 synthesizer. The best of these recorded sounds were acoustically treated, and individually mastered, for a truly inimitable result.

Over 8-thousand sounds were initially recorded, but months of selection and refinement left only the best of the best: a colossal anthology of 1120 samples, exceeding 9-hours in total length.

Omniscape is a perfect tool in the creation of soundtracks for films or games, and contains sound suitable to almost any musical genre or ambient mood. Composers, designers, musicians, and media-makers can all add Omniscape to their virtual tool-belt.

Added to a cinematic score; woven into the story of a video game; throw, side-chained, into a breakdown: Omniscape’s samples offer instant, compelling depth to any audible creation.

Omniscape is available as a complete bundle, or individually, as categorized, below.

Download ZIP size

  • Full Bundle 7.7 GB
  • Other Options approximately 1 – 2 GB each

Visit Diamaudix Audio on the Web.

Additional information

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Full Bundle $74.95, Unpitched $14.95, Spooky $14.95, Bass $24.95, Shimmering $24.95, Future $19.95, Madness $19.95

3 reviews for Omniscape

  1. Ok for a quick fix, mislabeling is a problem

    There’s no native BPM listed, so be sure to turn off warping in Ableton. More than one sample is mislabeled with the wrong note– eg C#-19 is actually B. Whoops. Make sure to double-check with a tuner plugin.

    Joseph Brown (verified owner)

  2. Great for some weird bass needs

    This is a huge collection of weird long noisy bass samples working perfectly for some of my needs in industrial, post-rock ,or metal production.

    francois (verified owner)

  3. awesome soundscapes

    this pack has some really great sounds and it was on sale so extra perk

    thomasbrown072 (verified owner)

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