Stay At Home Beats – Free Sample Pack

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63 reviews
63 reviews


Pack Contents

  • Total of 438 Sounds & Loops
    • 2 Construction Kits
    • 164 Drum Samples
    • 44 FX Samples
    • 22 MIDI Patterns
    • 22 Serum Wavetables
    • 150 Synths & Instrument Samples
    • 15 Vox Samples


In times of crisis, coming together as a community in support of one another is necessary. An elite team of artists at Black Octopus Sound have built a premium quality and highly diverse sample pack; and we are giving it away for free to the global music community! The following artists have teamed up to deliver some of their best material you can enjoy fresh inspiration while you are staying at home; Basement Freaks, Veela, We Bang, Dennis Sheperd, Protoculture, Chop Shop Samples, Tommy Studiolife, Killsam, Cyborgs, Marc Haven, Qdup, and Blamers.

This multi genre pack includes Construction Kits, Snappy kick drums for all genres, snares, cymbals, percussion, bass one shots and loops to fill out your low end, Serum wavetables, Synth/Instrument samples, MIDI files, and vocals.

Pack size: Over 800MB with 438 Sounds

  • 2 Construction Kits
  • 164 Drum Samples
  • 150 Synths & Instrument Samples
  • 22 Serum Wavetables
  • 44 FX Samples
  • 22 MIDI Patterns
  • 15 Vocal Samples

63 reviews for Stay At Home Beats – Free Sample Pack

  1. good

    for stay home

    jsj90909 (verified owner)

  2. Nice!

    Nice idea for producers

    lerhe (verified owner)

  3. Cool

    Thank you!

    Jordan (verified owner)

  4. best oct

    the best

    mahdi manafzadeh (verified owner)

  5. Thanks!

    Thanks for the awesome samples!

    Dmitry (verified owner)

  6. stay at home beats - free sample pack

    says it on the Tin “Free Sample Pack” Absolutely Awesome 🙂 🙂 **********

    Dr Beatz (verified owner)

  7. Good free sample pack

    Good sounding sample pack!

    Brais (verified owner)

  8. Excellent

    Cool! Thanks BO!

    Eugene (verified owner)

  9. Very Good Samplepack

    Very Good for Sound Design & Other Genres.

    Lloyd (verified owner)

  10. Great sample to get started

    Cool samples for adding up some contrast to your creativity.

    Tanuj Bhardwaj (verified owner)

  11. stayathomebeats


    Reggie Monroe (verified owner)

  12. Generous to a fault, Black Octopus delivers again!

    Don’t miss this killer freebie!

    Eric (verified owner)


    I love this pack! I hope you give more free ones like this out in the future. I make dubstep so a cool pack like that would be aweosme

    Kevin Schmidt (verified owner)

  14. best free pack out there

    very diverse, suggest highly to grab the content

    chiudion703 (verified owner)

  15. "Stay At Home Beats - Free Sample Pack" t


    kkustodial (verified owner)

  16. Great !!

    This samplepack is amazing, Thanks !!

    grak199alxndr (verified owner)

  17. Great stuff!

    Quality, as expected!

    howardhathaway (verified owner)

  18. Stay safe

    Wholesome pack to support producers.

    JIANPENG CHEN (verified owner)

  19. A No Brainer!

    This contains a huge variety of quality samples. There’s something for everyone in this package, and the price makes it a no brainer. Just get it! 🙂

    Glen (verified owner)

  20. Stay at home

    Excellent sound from collective artist. Wish you all the best. Thanks a lot.

    gangrg2006 (verified owner)

  21. A big thanks to you!

    Great idea and great sounds within this free pack!

    gimmebase (verified owner)

  22. Awesome gift!

    a huge pack of black octopus quality sounds for free? have to give this five stars! thank you!

    D (verified owner)

  23. Who needs "Black Fridays" when we have the Black Octopus? :)

    Great arsenal of !!!438!!! sounds for entirely free… You guys are crazy. Thank you so much!!

    Damian Armata (verified owner)

  24. Thank you very much for inspirational beatiful sounds

    It helped so much to create music more nicer ^^

    akirasunrise1 (verified owner)

  25. Stay At Home Beats - Free Sample Pack

    An Excellent Pack

    Kudzai Kayz (verified owner)

  26. Proud

    A nice little pack which has allowed me to broaden my skills

    elliottlinn03 (verified owner)

  27. Tight & Varied!

    Great sounds to use & swap out to freshen up any kind of edm mix!!!

    Max Trone (verified owner)

  28. Nice sounds

    Thanks!! 🙂

    francesco.palazzolo (verified owner)

  29. Stay At Home Beats it's AMAZING!

    Wow! The quality of the samples and diversity is amazing! I haven’t barely words to translate it!

    Gabriel Menezes (verified owner)

  30. Pretty good

    5 stars for free

    Mista_Chrish (verified owner)

  31. Awesome Pack that's free!

    This pack is incredible!!!! thank you guys so much!

    jaderenesongwriting (verified owner)

  32. So Cool!

    Awesome pack! Love what you guys do! Keep it up!

    cameron.long087 (verified owner)

  33. So Cool!

    super useful

    Joe Long (verified owner)

  34. Great Pack

    Amazing value

    Ewan Pitout (verified owner)

  35. これ一つで事足りる。


    Gumi (verified owner)

  36. Cool

    Yes !

    ser_j08 (verified owner)

  37. <3

    Samplepack is amazing

    rastanikita (verified owner)

  38. Thanks! <3


    Marc Wojtkowiak (verified owner)

  39. Great!

    It must be a good annual tradition. Very cool wind instruments & synths. I take it gratitude to work! Thanks! ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

    vstforcubase (verified owner)

  40. Stay at home

    And do amazing things with this free stuff.

    radekzwolinski (verified owner)

  41. I like it a lot and I seriously love the sounds.

    Well I like these kicks but I think you should make more raw samples. I meqn you have some kicks and snares with added effects and we don’t want it. We will definitely want to add all the fx on our own and we just want things to be totally raw. Thank you black octopus sound .

    Udai Singh (verified owner)

  42. Great Stuf

    Sibusiso Sitlebe (verified owner)

  43. Goood


    Marius Sorinel Aurel (verified owner)

  44. Excited

    Im excited to see what i can come up with with this pack!

    randy Derochie (verified owner)

  45. Great sounds

    Great sounds

    Justin Rand (verified owner)

  46. good pack

    i use it and its good

    ali gholi (verified owner)

  47. I am a DJ , music producer and an event planner

    amazing pack

    youssef said (verified owner)

  48. Great freebie!

    Thanks, Black Octopus – you guys are the best. Loving these sounds!

    Sam Zhang (verified owner)

  49. Love it!

    Awesome sample man <3

    unknown musician (verified owner)

  50. One of the best free packs out there.

    Thanks for releasing this complete samplepack for free out of sheer generosity.

    maxwaremuzik (verified owner)

  51. Why are you reading this? Get it already!

    Great sounds at the low, low price of NOTHING! Don’t pass this one up!

    joshua4640 (verified owner)

  52. Awesome freebie!

    BOS is the best ❤️️

    samzhanglmms (verified owner)

  53. A tasty, free addition to your arsenal

    These weight +700Mb. Here, expect lots of loops, presets, wav loops&one-shots drums. Kudos for the midi sequences and wavetable, importable in most wavetables softsynth . And the best part? It was a freebie. And a huge one!

    alacantec (verified owner)

  54. grateful

    Thank you, I enjoyed so much with it

    aditra (verified owner)

  55. Спасибо

    Очень качественный сэмпл пак

    maxi.tulyakov (verified owner)

  56. Pretty nice

    IT has a lot of sounds that can be useful for a lot of ways

    Juan Dom (verified owner)

  57. Good


    Deminor Angger (verified owner)

  58. Good

    Nice set of samples

    Abhijeet R. (verified owner)

  59. Stay at Home Beats

    Great for a free sample pack

    Thomas Rosenberg (verified owner)

  60. nice!

    thanks for this great pavk

    drumatix (verified owner)

  61. Stay at home beats

    Awesome sample pack

    Aaron Brown (verified owner)

  62. Stay Home Make Music

    A perfect assortment of flavor’s to draw upon your emotions and find the sounds and voices which move you yo seek out the full set.

    herscheldwg (verified owner)

  63. Nice

    Suitable for hiphop

    Arren (verified owner)

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