Graveyard Deathstep by Futuretone

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1 review

1 review

Graveyard Deathstep by Futuretone - Demo Track

Graveyard Deathstep by Futuretone


Pack Contents

  • 395Mb of Content
  • 657 Total Samples & Presets
  • 171 Drum One Shots
    • 26 Kicks
    • 30 Claps
    • 30 Snares
    • 25 Closed hihats
    • 30 Open hihats
    • 15 Rides
    • 15 Crash
  • 160 Bass One Shots
  • 118 FX One Shots
    • 20 Fallers
    • 20 Sweeps
    • 20 Risers
    • 28 Impacts
    • 30 Textures
  • 100 Bass Loops
  • 60 Drum Loops
    • 20 Drum Loops
    • 20 Kick Snare Loops
    • 20 Top Loops
  • 48 Vocal One Shots
    • 4 Chants
    • 34 Vocal Choirs
    • 10 Dark Phrases
  • 100 Serum Presets


Unleash the dark and devastating power of ‘Graveyard Deathstep’ – a spine-chilling sample pack with 650+ otherworldly samples by Futuretone. These ominous Serum presets, bone-shaking basses, haunting vocals, devastating drums, and eerie FX, are crafted to inject unparalleled intensity into your bass heavy productions.

Drums: Doom-laden kicks, thunderous snares, and alluring percussion – these drum one shots are designed to give your beats an otherworldly edge. Whether you’re sculpting the perfect drop or layering eerie bridges, the drum top loops, full loops and kick snare loops are your gateway to a sonic underworld.

Serum Presets: These presets are your key to sculpting bone-rattling, cinematic soundscapes that will leave a lasting mark on any track. Unleash monstrous basslines, sinister leads, and spine-tingling pads for an eerie Graveyard Deathstep experience.

Vocals: The ethereal voices of the beyond have been captured in these spectral vocal one shots that seamlessly blend with the dark energy of Deathstep. From haunting choirs to ominous chants, these vocal elements add an unearthly dimension to your compositions.

Harness the power of the beyond to create Deathstep tracks that will haunt the ears of your audience. With top quality, 24-bit samples that are key and tempo-labelled when needed, meticulously crafted, quality checked and, of course, royalty-free. So you can focus on embracing the darkness and wielding the energy of ‘Graveyard Deathstep’ by Futuretone!

1 review for Graveyard Deathstep by Futuretone

  1. Graveyard Deathstep

    This is very solid presets pack for deathstep i like almost all sounds loop samples and vocals are dope

    asfdeafboar (verified owner)

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